Thursday, March 23, 2023

Reproduction Body Panel Install! Chevy C10 Restoration

Main Reproduction Body Panel Install! Chevy C10 Restoration

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    Visit LMC Truck here: My 1966 Chevrolet C10 restoration project is going well! LMC truck sent me replacement body panels for the front …


    Neváda it is not pronounced Nevada with an O like octopus it is pronounce Nevada like A in apple

    Patrick Czizek

    How come you guys don’t have the go power sports discount code anymore?!

    HaydenFulmer’s Fulmer

    You guys should put a 450 preditor engine inside a small car. It will work !

    Hank Clingingsmith

    It's called a radiator core support.

    Nathan Stewart

    More truck updates!!!

    Evan Smithson

    Make a tandem mini bike

    Robert Reyes


    Twisted_ Pizza

    Bring the lawn mower back with a Diesel engine

    brian meattey

    Hey bud I just wanted ask why I don't get any notifications on you are isaac just curiouse but keep up the good work

    Tyler Coates

    It's awesome that lmc sponsored you! Their stuff is the best, I had a lot of their stuff on my old 72.


    Ok, back to the full size vehicles! 🙂

    Kip Griffin

    I had a 65 step side growing up .455 olds and 411 posi . i love them old bowties. Nice truck john

    Thomas Cody

    Ready to see it run

    Thunder Clap

    put a predator or 670 in a car!??

    Timothy Gardner

    Looks good John, that will be a fun little truck

    Sean W

    It’d be wicked bub if you made a snowmobile

    Enderslayer 146

    This totally irrelevant to this video but, PLEASE PUT MUD FLAPS ON THE AWD GO KART just so you don’t get sprayed in the face with dirt or stuff

    Jigga Man

    Im Starting to give thumbs down I never get any love from ANY comments I leave. Been a big fan from day one.


    Keep up the good work. That's gonna be a fun truck

    Garrett Petersen

    Hey guys been watching since day 1 can you please build a predator powered bicycle that would be awesome thanks 🙂

    Mark Toney

    wtg, John! One step closer to cool!

    Talan Peterson

    That c10 needs to be a stepside. Hit me up on Facebook messenger for a paint idea.

    Alan Gee

    Looking good!

    Matt Shuey

    Probably should have moved the rad support forward just a little bit to line up the fender holes.
    Maybe even snug down the mounting bolts to drop the rad support a little, or double checking the front cab mount for proper height.
    Other than that, I’m glad to see your old iron coming back together.👍

    tony 12083

    The 350 look so small in that engine bay you can put a massive engine in there

    Matte Adler

    Nice truck! If you havent already, check out gibson63

    Kristian Ellis

    Truck is looking good! Great job trimming those panels to fit.

    Brandon The Redneck

    You should do a stage 4 build on a predator 670 and put it on the golf cart

    12GageMasterkey 4

    My buddy at the college has a ‘56 f250 with the straight 6. He’d just regeared the rear end, put a new headliner which was an ass pain because its the vinyl one, and installed a carb kit. It’s a really cool truck


    If that is an e-coat dont strip it! Thats the best corrosion protection you can have on it! I usually sand the bigger surfaces with 320 grit sand paper on an interface pad on my DA. Then I scuff the harder to reach areas with a red scotch brite pad. Then all you have to do is seal it, base, and clear it✔

    trx 450r

    the go kart vids are cool but this is so much better


    That is going to be a very nice ute when you're done mate. 👍

    Everette Comer

    Fleetside or Stepside?

    Jmtp Littleguy

    U got ike on
    Speed dial

    Jmtp Littleguy



    John also check out for parts.

    Brian P

    shouldn't that coating on the fresh panels be an e-coated primer?? if so, i would only scuff/sand because of the metal is likely pre-treated with phosphate ect. ?? only remove it if its a "shop-coat" (coating for shipping/storage to prevent surface rust)

    Greg Sonne

    A friend of mine in republic wa has all c series Chevy trucks from 50 on up to 59 all stock nice trucks

    Aw Spartan

    I love LMC they should hook you up and help the Chevy out.

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