Monday, March 27, 2023

Restoring Power to our Abandoned Speedway After TWO YEARS in the Dark! (Freedom Factory)

Main Restoring Power to our Abandoned Speedway After TWO YEARS in the Dark! (Freedom Factory)

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    Welp, let’s see what this place looks like with some lights on! Cleetus Merch!!! – Our 2020 Sponsors: …

    Cleetus McFarland

    Freedom Factory shirts!!! All proceeds support the track, thanks guys. Let’s rip! –

    Mob Bandit

    You guys should get solar panels be easier on pocket much love keep up

    Lee Howard

    You should talk to iracing about scanning your track and have it in iracing for everyone to have the chance to race on it! They can run numerous divisions there on the round track and even the figure 8. Just a thought and it would help promote The Freedom Factory. Just an idea.


    Dilla must be the freedom factory mascot. Put him on a t-shirt!

    Ethan Saunders

    Need to see more of the bald eagle machine. Love the c7

    oldman Crow

    Sadly I’m going to miss y’all at my hometown track in Houston this weekend. I’ll be working in Louisiana until next month. I did get to see all yalls trailers tho as I went by there. I’m jealous of everyone that gets to be there. I can’t wait to be able to come visit the freedom factory. Have fun this weekend y’all.

    mark brown


    Elijah Mcgee

    You guys need to get walky talkys

    Ken Hoggard

    I wish I still lived in Bradenton, I'd do all your locksmith work for free, glad to see the old track up and going again

    mitchell lykkemark



    Why are you not using the golf cart to get around?! It would be awesome to rip around on that.


    8:05 🙂👌

    Terry Barfield

    We are actually in San Antonio looking for a new ambulance to buy

    Hoffs on the job

    nice work lads from South Australia
    next project armadillo truck

    Glen Brannon

    Awesome work guys , your living my dream job ! Keep up the great work !

    David Blalock

    How about concessions? I'd love to put in a smokehouse BBQ pit there!


    Idea for the freedom Factory to have a event. called do it for Dale day. For all Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt jr. Enthusiast. A day where Dale jr. And Dale senior fans can come and bring their cars and Memorabilia Out to the Freedom Factory

    Maxx Performance

    Love this!!!! Don't feel like you need to go straight back to race car content – this is just as good!

    A&R McChargues

    Bring the 'dilla!

    Mikes Garage

    I’ve always loved your videos I swear your the reason why I started a YouTube channel! Congrats on all your success!! Keep it up!

    none none

    go to Richie bros auction on the I4 near Orlando…

    Leland Ford

    Well that settles it… Finding the ‘dilla was a clear sign that you guys need to procure a tank

    Topshelf 710

    Who else would live there?? That's were Alex might end up living lol

    Michael Carlson

    Hell yeaaaa brother!🇺🇸👷‍♂️💪🏁


    Sometimes, if you make a donation to the local fire department, and ask nicely, they will bring out their ladder truck and change out your burnt out bulbs. That is how the local high schools here get it done.

    Cory Nocera

    Woodpeckers have nests old and new within the poles down on turns 2 and 3. But this is why I think the one down🤣. I used to work down in the infield on broom crew to clean the track off after a crash and get speedy dry down…was like 2 owners ago tho. Best j.o.b ever. Not to mention after my race at the same exact track. Btw the stairs in the infield are for track walk ons for the spectators when there was specific days like the late model driver meet and great and also drivers gave out candy during trick or treat. Been going here alot back when i was a lil squirt. lol I miss the hell outta it 😂💯. Happy to see you got good ideas for the future man. And that your keeping the circuit track. Definitely will be there when you reopen to race if I could get car again.

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