Saturday, March 25, 2023

Restoring the paint on my NEW FRS!

Main Restoring the paint on my NEW FRS!

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    The car isn’t in the best condition and I had @royalrandy come in and do his thing. Will we be able to bring the paint back to life? CLICK HERE FOR NEW …


    that’s a Toyota 86 not a Scion FR-S 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Faradvan Ramadhan

    Varis arising kit


    Ya i was talking about just like 11:57 headlight, RGB on the rear quarter window the LED i was talking about

    Luke Wilmoth

    I live like 30 mins from y’all, you signed my dash. Peep my IG Thatpandembrz 🥴

    :o Make it look like the Offensive Fitment FR-S since you already got the front splitter

    Winter Alexandria Miller

    Randy: I got a new car

    Other cars still unfinished lol


    brz front bumper > frs front bumper



    Emanuel Castorela


    Justin Bec

    Get a 86 front bumper and led lights

    Peter Nguyen

    Should use a heat gun and don't pull the clear bra back like that. It can peel the paint off.

    Shea Smythe

    Next time just use a hair dryer to heat up the clear bra & peel it off with ease 👌


    Swap out to the Kouki bumper, I'd like to see the process of what needs to change in order to fit it on an FRS.

    Christopher allison

    Can you ship all the way to south Africa?

    kyla turpin

    Bring back Melissa you know what I mean

    jamie smith

    🙁 thought you were getting an E30, bored of BRZ stuff, every youtuber does it

    Devin SFG

    Get the 2017 86 bumper

    Jacob Brawner

    Supercharge it that would be dope asf

    Marvin Salazar

    Would be cool af to do all your in house details for you guys

    Mohammad Agung

    Body kit karma

    Lu’s Garage

    For all the people that think this is not an frs, 86's were not in the us market until 2016. This frs is 2013

    guess who

    so he didnt buy new supra but bought an old frs

    Lu’s Garage

    don't take it to twinkie

    Edwin Lange

    This car aint gonna take you to 600k bro buy mk4 supra or something

    Abraham Jacobs

    Put on a Rocket bunny chassis mount spoiler


    Keep it the og look frs style

    anatoly afonin

    Lexus swap the front end!!

    Mike Who?

    Do a Lexus bumper it will look amazing

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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