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    Well… You guys called it at first, but this is definitely a pleasant plot twist for the future of my Evo! Beyond Stoked!

    Ivan Tapia

    Hey rich kid , stfu. Stop telling people what to do. Mind your own money and worry about your rich life while we worry about ours.


    Dont worry about being sad and lonley… more than half your subs are in the same boat..

    Juan Yoi

    Dude it’s so cool 😎 👍

    Sur Radio

    Please share a shop with Jimmy I would love to see my two favorite youtubers together

    Zach Kelley

    You can upgrade the 9 turbo to an fp red and make around 500 550 and keep the manifold and everything else you just send the turbo out

    Jesse Szymonski

    You and Nicole are divorced?

    Ivan Salvador

    if you got a friend over in canada you could get it imported since the laws for importing car there is 15 years old. then fly to wherever your friend is in canada and you could drive it to minnesota.

    A Toilet

    That ex wife joke caught jimmy way off guard lol

    Slightly Crooked Garage

    Lmao congrats you’ve now ruined the drivability of your ego bud

    BoBbY 3

    ​@Adam LZ Question, if I build a drift track in the future (not just me and it would be in florida because thats where I live XD) would you go to it? im thinking it should be in kissimee @Adam LZ

    BoBbY 3

    Question, if I build a drift track in the future (not just me and it would be in florida because thats where I live XD) would you go to it? im thinking it should be in kissimee


    Alrighty Aftermarket LZ

    Mitch Hacker

    ‘i don’t think it’ll ever get over 500 wheel’ cmon adam, be honest

    Harrison Porr

    ex wife comment was great! Jimmy's response even better! Yooooo! lol


    Adam when he windowed his block: I don't wanna put a forged block and make it compicated.
    Also Adam: So I went full forged bottom end.

    Rick Rothstein

    Next time you're in Wallingford and looking for a hole in the wall deli.. Try Gigantes on 68, used to go there for lunch a lot.. really good food..

    Bryson Shires

    Right? Here in NC they want $30 to mount two tires….I usually talk them down to 20 cause they all know they're full of shit

    Hedgar Hinojos

    Where is dickhead Tommy

    Osvaldo Perez

    i was like …wtf is MA performance…OH MAP!!!! hahahaha

    Jahnaul Ritzie-Pouncey

    What happened to Nicole?

    elpeladodelsamba elpeladodelsamba

    boost is never too much bro


    Please be careful with the AWD, its fantastic until suddenly its not. Know you're a great driver and done the offroady bits but on road when they spin the rear treads on a corner or get some angle up the RWD logic to counter steer can get you killed.


    Americans are dumb

    devin rau

    Now im wondering who tf is gonna be a father soon because he said a few videos back that someone is pregnant??? Adam did you forget to wear your raincoat while dating tinder bitches???? 😂😂😂

    lewis huysmans

    >moral high ground at start
    >partakes in illegal activities all the time

    Liam Flaherty

    Opening scene Adam got gapped n didnt like it

    Rafael Cordova

    i miss the old adam playing around with his bike;(


    X wife😢

    will sanders

    So I’m new to Adams channel and I saw the Evo 5 videos and have obviously been obsessed over them going back and watching old ones. Can someone (or Adam if you’re reading this) explain how this Evo came to be or tell me which video to watch? Also, I’m assuming it’s a track only car that’s just doing some “testing” on the streets ha.

    BNE Exotics

    Was he throwing shade at his Aussie engine connection ? The one that went out of their way to pull the block on his Evo here at super short notice, drop new studs and crete it up for him !?! Surely not !!

    Daniel Lindsey

    Yoooooo is my response too! Omg Adam savage LZ

    Epic Gamer3313

    Is nicole still a thing? I havent been to this channel in a minute.

    Daniel Bluck

    I guess it's been a while since I have watch, I knew you two split up, but I didnt know you were not living in your house anymore… Sad!!!

    David Huffman

    No Homo Can I Be Your Son ?!?!??

    SlOg- tRIo

    . Went out yesterday and bought a Mitsubishi evo X 2006 comment and like if you want me to do a video on it and comment what upgrades you want to see subscribe and comment at 1k I’ll do what you guys want wrap upgrades whatever😃


    People who don’t know 4g63’s blame everything on the balance shaft. Deleting it causes more problems than it solves.


    I love you videos bro

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