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    Well guys.. it’s time to make the ricer civic fast again!! new engine time! Get your merch here!! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.


    Love that gtr

    Henry Ortiz

    Get a full exhaust 👀

    Fct 8306 On Two Wheels

    12:34 hey that says 1234 :). I dont think its a good fit for the B20 oil pan on the B18. Two days late watching this

    John Adams

    Ill give this one 2 weeks before its rudknocking

    Nathan Countyrman

    The Australian guys surprised about how many auto parts stores we have?


    keep b18 pan on reweld a bung in it

    Matias Jasche

    Dont you mean "this was a science experiment and we SUCCEEDED"??

    Ryan Smith

    When chatting about the stores all the building in the background are so American 😂


    Tune into Rudnickelodeon Mon-Fri.

    Matt Young

    Not the same oil pane bro


    Am I the only person in the world who put a nut in bolt in place of the bitch pin to make my life so much easier!?

    Carlos Rivera

    Speed 333333 speed 3!!!! Why don't you join the hot hatch gang or get one

    Jack Seves

    Can you please make a junk license plate cover id buy it in a heartbeat.

    Michael Mitchell

    sammit looks like a human opossum. cool guy tho


    your getting big man

    Sebastian Kennebrew

    Build one of the bseries they don’t take boost well unless they’re sleeved

    Christian Mora

    Chris is about 6 months pregnant


    The oil pan wont fit! P72 gsr only fits on the b18c1 and b18c5

    P75 b18/b20 is its own oil pan

    Maggie The Farm Truck

    I like how you did a voiceover instead of just putting in a timer.

    Discussed Productions

    Make sure you hook up vtec👀 it’ll be worth it. 12:56 And some people say yes and some people say no. GSR oil pans are shorter from b20/Ls oil pans so your oil pickup wouldn’t be able to reach all of the oil.

    Rocky O’Grady

    really hope you plan to clean your oil feed and return and shit cause i know they have metal in them


    Jack wouldn’t happen to offer any like etune like if I sent in datalogs I’ll pay whatever


    If you and Sammit do the Lil’ Nitro gummy bear challenge that I sent you, I will immediately go and make a decent purchase of his merch. Starting at $50, I will contribute $1 for every 5 likes this gets with a cap at $100 – basically I want to reach Sammit/Ruddy and get them to do the challenge. I’ve already spent $32 to send them the spicy gummy bears. I’m even game to offer up my spots to win the Miata to other people! I’d love to win myself, but my goal is to have the silly boys eat the gummy

    Jason Mederios

    Am a Honda fan boy that b20 would of lasted if cams and spring and retainers but since u got the other motor make sure u do cams and duel spring and retainers and it will hold 20 psi all day and make sure u put 2200 or 1500 injectors too and a 450 pump it will make about 500 too 600 at 9thousand rpm all day long I have a b18 ultra skunk two manifold with duel spring and retainers with mild cams and a racing oil pump with 2200cc injectors with block guard and a 450 pump and I redline about 9200rpm at 25psi am about 600 or more on e85 ull have fun

    Boban Milisavljevic

    You and sammit making videos is making the quarantine less annoying. You guys are awesome

    lil Waf

    Or buy one

    lil Waf

    Yeah you should build a donk


    Nothing wrong with two step just don't abuse it lol


    Yes. Drink from the bottle, proceed to introduce everyone to the very same water from that bottle. Smart. Real smart. I see you're not taking things serious yet. Hold on guys, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. Good night from Europe! PS: I appreciate the content, but you guys need to be more careful.

    Eli McClellan

    Build a DONK 😂🤘

    jose perez

    Do a b20v !!!!!!!’

    oscar ruelas

    Use a em1 post mount 🤦🏽‍♂️ and your need to wire in vtec unless your car was a ex model

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