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    We made it to the dyno!!! but ran into some issues like always. watch and find out πŸ™‚ Get your junk merchandise here!! sammits channel!


    I knew this tuner place look Familiar😏….should do a Collaboration with zosh 🀩

    Owen Bernard

    Put a hood dump on the ricer civic

    Owen Bernard

    K swap the crx !!! πŸ‘Œ

    Quinton Steward

    We have a 97 ek hatch running 495 on the same motor

    Yikes 916

    K swapped crx would be so sick

    Dustin Musgrave

    You should do a k24 with itps na it would be an awesome track car


    K series the crx!

    OKOS 702 CREW

    Chris take the Honda game more serious my guy there’s a lot of clean non rice builds on youtube

    Vincent L Lopez


    Bailey Angeline

    K swap crx 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Adam Honda98

    I can get you AV Tech head


    Ha ha Jack new it's going get rodknock

    Just Awesome ::

    Hundred percent K series in the CRX😍

    Andrew Davis

    Please please please k swap the crx!! Epic!

    Mika Allard

    Check out he has budget 850cc and 1,000cc on the cheap! You will probably need more than 550s for 300whp.

    Ronaldo Hyatt

    Big up to country flag flying high in corner to the left Jamaica

    Mika Allard

    Check out huntertuneds older red b20v hatch videos. Center 2 cylinders crack sleeves zosh has been down the same road. Like sammit says keep it around 10Psi so you can keep it around for awhile. I love the b20s but the sleeve walls are alot thinner than b18, b16. The head and cams doesnt flow as well up top as the vtec. K series crx mate!

    William Bittner

    I just paused the video at 2:09 and just want to say, what he hell?! You really had to drive 45 minutes to someone you have never met to tune your car, even though Jack's shop is literally in the same complex?

    FordLife Nz

    Imagine these two arseholes rolling up and telling you what works when you tune these things daily πŸ˜‚

    Zachary Trent

    You should go n/a and high compression on the CRX. Make it a time attack/autocross car.

    Thomas Strickland

    Hey e85 works fine in stock fuel system on civics. Methanol would eat it. Put that kswap in crx.



    Kurtis Taddey

    Chris get that engine for crx do that right

    GWF Official.

    Put the K24 on the CRX

    Jdm Eg94

    I crashed the same civic last night

    Amy Tayy

    Guy a real car and start drag racing and take it seriously .

    Amy Tayy

    Views have dropped so far for this guy cause its nothing but the same stupid honda kid shit all the time .


    k swap in crx would be dope but keep it N/a other wise you will fight for alot of space for a turbo

    Michael M. Sandoval

    IG : @Genesis_Automotive


    Im calling it now that b20 cylinder walls last 2 weeks max depending on how much you drive, The b20 cylinder walls are thinner and tend to crack

    spencer p

    K swap the crx and awd it πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    Jay Bouwer

    Damm. Thought it really had rodknock lol. Took me a second

    Josh Reeves

    U should take that turbo k series straight in the crx

    Brendan Binder

    Buy that k series for the rex!!!

    James Tucker

    The built fresh K series would be mint in the CRX!

    Conner Graceffa

    Definitely K swap crx

    Megan Brendan

    Bro put that k series in the crx and the b series in the ricer civic πŸ’―

    Brady Miller

    K swap please

    R succes

    K series the CRX

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