Tuesday, March 21, 2023



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    GET READY FOR FISHNIK MERCH!!! MONDAY!! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Corey Crosswhite

    Raise it and put bigger wheels on it to fill the gap


    Wait did he say he took off the blow off valve?! Seems like… not a good plan. LOL.

    kevin lee

    I like how you say in almost every video to click the link in the corner if we haven't seen that last video and you never do it man. What you need is someone to edit your vids for you and be able to upload for you. What you need is someone with some skills in business management and that could do everything paper work wise for you. I'm that guy. let me know man I can work 24/7 also can do a bunch of stuff i'm a diyer. I have an oldsmobile alero with almost 400k miles. Got the car with 1200 miles on it. I also have a washer and dryer that is over 20 years old. I fix.

    Justin Hagadus

    Love you videos fucking right keep up the good work

    BOOSTED 1327

    Hey atleast its FREE HENTAI


    Chris is an alcoholic now. Like if you've noticed

    Francisco Costa

    I said forever ago you need nittos lol… that thing is just spin spin spin


    take off old sticker and put new ones on the front window

    Dawson Airsoft

    Plz cage the car or at least a roll bar. That thing is getting reckless

    Sanbasuto Kuruma

    No shit the man who funded scumbertos shop walked in early in the vid. What up dude? You seeing how Jack is doing with you and scummy boi?… I know his name. But I'm not giving him the respect till I know more about his side hustle.


    leaked marcuss address!!!


    anyone notice courtney hasnt been in the videos lately?

    Aaron Blackmore

    You know you can just use a regular screw driver and hit the end of it with a hammer as you turn it works the same as the impact driver

    Jay420 DuBay

    Man loving the daily content thanks


    yo rodknock get a aluminum spoolgun for your mig welder you can weld your own intercooler pipes no couplers anywhere

    AbOmB52 _

    Shut up about the damn fish already

    james edmiston

    Haggard Garage Graveyard just to compare and its good

    Mike Bjork

    You should use a duck caller for a blow off valve somehow that would be funny

    Michael Fenton

    Nice you got a fuel tank for the back of your truck sweet 鳶不



    james edmiston

    Never eaten sushi so if I do Im going to Nats

    Adam Thorn

    Spins wheels rudnik: "You want me to sit on it" wheres alex when you need him


    all he had to do was get a utility knife and jam it between the block and oilpain twist and it pops right off. use a knife because its flat a screwdriver will bend the pan

    Andrew Allen

    hey chris do you still work for HP helping them pick out imported cars from japan??

    Eric Wackowski

    I know I missed it sometime but what happened to whats his name with the ponytail at HP? The one tommy hated and he was the r32 master.


    Chris none of your cars will even come close to beating a built 2j. I cringe every time you talk shit to him lol

    Christopher 1995

    Kris I'm from new Jersey and I've been trying to get a hat and Everytime I try there sold out can you please send me one , hit me up email christopherstiener@gmail.com


    My guy at 27:15 with the Classic Saab shirt. Rare sight.

    james edmiston

    Nat fishman

    Jason 666

    You should look into getting interlocking hardwood floor for the back of the Miata cover up that metal & holes too

    Maybe Mikey

    Where the hell is Roberto?

    Stephen Melo

    I love seeing Carlos in the videos

    Nixk Ayee

    Car sounds good my guy. Im only a few minutes in . Had to stop and go get my bitch Mary from the drawer . Now lets resume 返

    Jeff Bomb

    TOMMY get that channel running man, subscribed and waiting.

    james edmiston

    Hes Jimmy Oakesing his Supra bay loz

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