Saturday, March 25, 2023

Riding In Mike Finnegan's 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat!!! (Nearly 2,000 Horsepower)

Main Riding In Mike Finnegan's 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat!!! (Nearly 2,000 Horsepower)

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    FRESH CLEETER MERCH!!!!! Grab yours here – Shout out to Mike Finnegan for taking us out on the lake! Stay tuned for …

    Mike Whittaker

    My favourite video yet just for the terror you see in ckeestuses face lol not gonna lie I'd be scared too haha

    Brian Dempsey

    I need that 67 bed in your garage.😀

    Patrick Harstad

    This is how people die. Speed and water no cage. I am scared for you

    Logan B

    Fish are probably in the water thinking the worlds coming to an end every time this guy makes a pass

    Bert Rigby

    Wow cleet you need your own boat. This is why I am sub to you not finigan. I can't believe you got in that jalopy lol

    Daryl P

    Best part was reverse cam 2nd pull cleeter the look on your face…. priceless!! 7sec vetcart and you're beside yourself lol

    What’s Up Mini Truck!!

    Yeah this is great, a couple of my favorite you tubers. Need Deboss with them and it would be complete!! Ha ha!!!

    westward bound

    Finnigan is a tool box

    May Seven

    nice O face Cleetus!


    You need to get a camera and tripod and get footage from another angle that’s not on the boat

    Wool Verigne

    This dude's so positive and friendly. The next time someone tells you that White people have no culture, rest assured that they are projecting.


    Finnegan’s boat is way faster than this 2700hp boat

    Baylan Maverick Legacy

    tell me if im wrong but uh, you should have a grab handle behind the drivers seat an one on the gunrail of the passanger side for the monkey to grab on when underway, thats how i do it in Garvy racing.

    Jake Pratt

    Finnegan speed & marine and McFarland racing jet boat build series would be legendary


    holy this makes the old cigarette boats look ilke nothin lol

    riverdragon marine service


    Albert Olivera

    So flippin wicked


    Good shit man


    You’ll never forget the first time you had sex and your first ride in a drag boat🤘🏽😁🤘🏽


    I can’t imagine what fin has into that thing for a 5 second ride lol and the fact none of it can be insured


    Cleetus: "Let's go faster."
    Finnegan: "Aiight."

    I'm not sure any combination of words could sum up Cleetus and Finnegan better.

    will warren

    You know your going fast when the camera footage looks like a sped up old 007 movie and it's just normal speed

    Max Hammontree

    There’s no stick. That’s why he can’t drive it.


    I once had a 25 foot jet boat with a built 351 it was wicked i could only imagine 1700 hp on the water

    Sean Smith

    That is awesome. You guys together are dangerous. I like it .

    ron baer

    think if they did a "roadkill" episode together

    Mo-bamba mode · 81 years ago


Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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