Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Roadster is getting nitrous..

Main Roadster is getting nitrous..

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    Get your merch!! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Jorn Jorn

    Coolest paint guy ever.

    Recharge Games Studio


    K.I.S.S. Data Technologies

    try 8.5psi in the back and slip that clutch a touch on the launch you'll get your 10, power shift ftw tho

    Tate Goodpasture

    12:20 he prolly became the happiest man ever once he met u…..or were really seeing his true self….huuuuu…..omgosh its old rudnick

    Stephan Ives

    Your 1 2 shift is super slow too focus on that

    D Young

    Dude new Tommy is cool af, more content with him STAT.

    ray rep

    1 st 3 rd 5th

    William Bosch

    DEAR Chris, you sound like if a substitute gym teacher and the sham wow guy had a baby. TAKE IT DOWN A NOCHE zero chill edit/dialog.

    Shangpoos Amazing life

    BOTTLE FEED IT! if it blows go 2j like the homie wanted I’m sure he would help 😆 also seems like you’re really living like a Floridian now haha bogging through a swamp at night with gators lol

    Brandt Hayhoe

    Please fix the loose dash peice in the roadster lol

    Zach S.

    Awesome video dude, loved the end in the lake!

    Bryan Glenn

    "Pond Water and Alligator Jiz" Sounds like a Country Song… Or a Drink at a Dive Bar!! Lol

    Kyle H

    You need to pull up on that fucking ebrake and slip the clutch on the launch. I’m sick of saying this. Preload the damn car!

    Geekin’ It With Cody

    hmm are you running 10 wide tires? seems like traction is killing the time

    Geekin’ It With Cody

    leggings+roadster=weight reduction

    sam hydel

    Go on the light before green it helps alot

    Johnny Millares

    Lol the painter is hella funny

    Andres Berrones

    Have you tried different gearing in the rear?

    Connor Slavin

    Chris’ whole interior just falls the FOCK apart every pass it has me dying😂😂

    Nerijus L

    Rudnick: I'm gonna get like saab vanilla


    You should do more shit with the side by side, mayyybe you should build another Jeep too florida has the best wheeling


    You should do more drag race vids with the other lane in it too, it was mint seeing you blow that Camaro away


    Hey rod knock next time you go you should record some other pulls of other people 🙂


    Formula 1 car at 1:00 lol

    Slowbird 661

    Skinny pants

    Michael Delgado

    He'll yeah that shit looks like a good time

    Ken Peters

    Broski get tierod ends


    Wat kind of alignment shop doesn't get the steering wheel straight? SMH….. Find another shop.

    Dan Likes Bikes

    Does anyone know the link to ricer Miata cernic coating his car

    Paul Morales

    Chris you gotta get out of the hole better!!! Your bogging down out of the hole

    B rad

    Maybe put skinny’s on the rims you bought ? Lol


    It gotta be the pants! 👖

    Trevor Watson
    Mugen Sohc2.2

    IMO it don’t need NoS !!!! “ that motor prime hook up Alex with that swap 🔥bro for his 240 you’re need to be cut up and remove unwanted weight heavy ass glass has to come out bumper need some type of lip and Downforce and carbon fiber Trunk/hood..and get that dash cluster frame fix plz before cluster flys out the window bro .

    FroMan Garage

    Definitely needs launch control to build boost.

    Nate Pitchford

    His scream at 14:34 killed me😂😂😂

    Adam Bastien

    Take out as much weight as possible

    Stephen Espinoza

    Legs for days lmao

    Patrick Dionne

    I don’t want to see that again because your screamed like a little bitch. Just stick to cars haha

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