Monday, March 27, 2023

Rock Crawling in Someone Else's Jeeps: Danger Dan's Secret Footage!

Main Rock Crawling in Someone Else's Jeeps: Danger Dan's Secret Footage!

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    Can 3mph be scary? Yes, 3mph can definitely be scary. When you’re rock crawlin’ and getting vertical, like Danger Dan did thanks to our friends at Jeep, things …

    Kellin Patler

    Casey’s handshake is like when you go in for a kiss and get an awkward hug-handshake instead.


    I’m with dan! You could hear the 5.0. They sound nice and not at all like a LS.


    If I’m dying. I’ll die behind the wheel of a 1400hp rock bouncer. look it up and you won’t be disappointed

    Scout Master DongBag

    Looks to me like ol dan was choppin it up with the fine lass

    Austin Johnson

    Y’all asked for better comments.

    William Tieman

    Don’t try to make Dan feel bad because you guys can’t tell the different between a crappy Ford 302 and and a Chevy Ls……

    Charley Texafornia

    So apparently they filmed and edited this right after 4:20 lol

    Brianna Bobo

    Lol bruh herts Christmas album seriously 15.99 I'll take two


    15:28 can confirm its still good

    iEvangelion Unit 01

    3:13 IS THAT A MF JoJo REFERENCE!?!?!?!

    Mick Grimes

    i wana die betwee a couple of thicc thighs..

    Jonathan Soholt

    Want to die in a viper going above 200 mph. straight line hit a bump.


    First of all the windsor motor is a great engine.

    johannes aviles


    Zachary Spath

    Now dan needs to o a ride along with Jake burkey or tim Cameron


    i greatly appreciate the joseph OH MY GOD added in there.


    How many Vargas do Scotto need to finish her build? #GETTOWORKSCOTTO


    Ron low key reminds me of Drama from Rob&Big

    Valdemar Lopez

    I want to die drifting like hert

    pierre verso

    i don´t have the money to buy music from hert, but speaking of oldschool jams i would love him to sing "just a friend" by biz markie, i´m pretty sure he loves that tune as much as i do.


    I want herts Jacket so bad 😂😂

    Nick S

    good sode

    Chill Kollins

    Hell yeah gold mountain trail !!!! I've been stuck there

    Roman Garza

    4.20 for Herts Christmas Album bang bang!!!

    Roman Garza

    Why the fuck did Vin try to drop it low like Nikki Minaj

    o2happygamers awm

    Hey you guys should have DDE on daily transmissions it would be a blast DO IT!

    Classic Joe

    Minute and a half in and I gotta leave. This is trash

    cody murray

    DANGER DAN should build a suzuki samurai crawler so he can actually see over the dash and i bet he would finish it before scottos rover #gettoworkscotto

    Justin Kuntz

    I'm biased. That tj is the best looking jeep there.

    Darren Hitchman

    Was will Rogers a real winner 😂

Viewing 31 posts - 1 through 31 (of 31 total)
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