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ROLLING CHASSIS! | 750cc Cross Kart Pt. 11

Main ROLLING CHASSIS! | 750cc Cross Kart Pt. 11

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    Our 750cc cross kart is a rolling chassis! In this episode, we change where the front shocks mount to the chassis, stiffening them up and giving us 4″ of travel …


    can´t call that a kart anymore … there are compact cars with a smaller footprint then this.. HAVING room for 4 people !!!!

    DJ Блять

    I will get to drive a Gokart for the first time since I was 10 tommorow

    Ginger Inventor

    Hey John, Weld the uni-joint yokes 90º from each other when you have two on one shaft. It makes it smoother to turn, so they're not fighting each other.

    doug fehler

    Dr.d here from sunny Regina,will you fellows be using 4 int 2 exhaust,brought to the side exit the rear?? Ps. not a real doctor

    Ryan P

    Thermo fan on the back?

    Rory Blais

    Lovin how it’s coming together looks great guys


    chances are your welded is not working prop because there is dust and dirt from the welding wire causing the wire feed to stop then jump if you pull the wire out of the line and lay it out flat and straight blow compressed air down the line where the wire goes do this a few times and whip the line around a few times do it again this should clear it and make it work better again

    Micah Morris

    Put a steering quickener in so you can get a 1.5:1 or 2:1 turn ratio. Jegs, allstar performance etc all carry them

    Sheldon Hall

    Build a halo bar that rises above the steering wheel, you don't want your steering wheel to be an imact point in a rollover, it could also crush your hands in the process.

    josh youngs

    When you start out building a off road cart. And end up building a f1 cart.

    Sheldon Hall

    Nerf bars and bumpers too!

    Sheldon Hall

    I would recommend power steering or some kind of steering box. Trying to man handle that power is going to hurt your arms, not to mention its only going to make the steering like butter and even more fun to drive 🙂

    Sheldon Hall

    Maybe someday do a revision to the chasiss design and build a completely fabricated rear suspension like the fronts. I would save HUGE amounts on overall weight, and you can build your shock system to be adjustable like the rears. Those Miata parts are still cool though!

    Karter Johnston

    Raccoons are scetchy

    Raymond Oliver

    Need to add an Oil Cooler , with engine sitting behind the seat air flow is lessened , oil cooler would benefit the engine

    justin roessner

    SPOILER ALERT ITS GONNA DO WHEELIES you should put a Light Bar on the top of the frame and put in MUSTANG SIDE DUCTS on it and weld sheet metal over where your legs go as a like a hood with a air scoop on it.

    Miguel Bigott

    You guys should make sure the steering arms (welded to the spindle) are pointing towards the center of the rear axle. This will help with less wheel scrubbing by giving an optimal Ackerman ratio.

    israel higareda

    Don’t forget that it’s goig to have Twork

    Derek Sebring

    It looks like the cart is sagging by the seat when he was sitting in it.

    Kolby Flathers

    Make a big long travel suspension kart

    Tony Skate’s

    anticrash tested 😂now we know it's safe

    Steve Roach

    Put a dash in front of steering wheel ,for gauges,tach,

    Mike O

    That thing is gonna be so much fun to drive. One vote for them building a second 750 cross cart when finished with this one.

    kenneth bell

    Just buy a new liner. There like $20 no need to buy a while new gun. Or buy a miller

    Casey Phalen

    Get some gussets from go power sports for your frame


    Well done guys! I gotta say I really like the look with the current wheels. It just looks like a really chunky go kart as it stands.

    Dr. Zoidberg

    triangels! your frame needs more triangles!! trust me, I'm an engineer.
    First rule of frame building: TRIANGLES!

    Wesley Kjar

    You need to mount your shocks more vertically to be able to function properly and to be adjust the rates accordingly

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