Thursday, March 23, 2023

ROTARY Swapped Mystery Machine EP.2 – BIG Turbo on a LITTLE Van! + WE GOT A NEW TRAILER!!!

Main ROTARY Swapped Mystery Machine EP.2 – BIG Turbo on a LITTLE Van! + WE GOT A NEW TRAILER!!!

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    Cleetus and Cars tickets on sale here! –

    Chris Pellatt

    Wouldn't be too hard to 45 those trailer corners if they get too close to the cab.

    Denny Nelson

    Built in seat warmers, pretty cool if they don’t catch on fire

    Aaron Cherry

    Poll: update on coopers Supra motor?

    Equinox Designs

    No Guard on the Grinder makes me unhappy.

    Jared Brinegar

    These are the same guys who fucked up Justins RocketBunny rx7… Hope they do a better job for you cooper nd cletus

    globenstine 1

    every time cleetus "welds" i die a little inside.

    Jackson Folwarski

    You should put 2 more turbos on Leroy!

    1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    The Vargas brothers deserve a gosh damn metal for the amount of rotary help they have been giving to everyone.

    Maria Shaw

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    Kirby Goodwin

    Oh the D-Max has it handled.

    Ed Dominguez

    I promise I wasn’t wondering how’s you were towing your fleet.

    jay cathers

    How many never realized cooper had a tattoo? 🤣

    bofooit gojo

    Big Turbo Little Van sounds like a 90’s prono 😂

    Polina Vinogradova


    Victor DONUTMAN415


    Tyrell Gentry

    Sxsblog did you catch the rotary in a SxS, that would be nuts power!


    All the Love to Coop!!!! got to see you doing something on here, Love ya Cleetus, nice to see you letting Coop do stuff like this!!!!


    is that a ranger prerunner on the lift?

    Tim Baber

    Dale Truck off the lift? Hell yeah brother!

    Nick Boggio

    Please build a car for the pikes peak hill climb!!!!!! Seems right up y'alls alley

    soinhu foitu

    put adjustable sway bars front and rear take the body roll out.

    Caspar A.

    When you guys get tired of doing burnouts with it you should build it to be a rally van. With a lift kit and some big off road tires.

    Alpha Wërks

    You guys should have moved it back a little further and cut the floor so you could raise it up more and lower the van a little

    Francisco Salazar

    Hell yeah Vargas Brothers!!

    JK F1

    Why an automatic?

    Harry Humphrey Hard

    Just saw James at the mall pushing his child in the stroller but out of respect I decided not to say hi

    Clasic Nova


    Chris B

    When your back office manager gets to order parts for his build… Haha this is going to be scary fast. Emphasis on scary

    Fq yew Google

    Cooper taking off his leg hair with a grinder 😂😂

    xCLU7CH Cl7Yx

    side by side rotary sounds like hella fun 😱🔥💪🏼

    Jordan Kissinger

    You can get offset balls so you can tow with your mega cab

Viewing 33 posts - 1 through 33 (of 33 total)
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