Tuesday, March 28, 2023

ROTARY Swapped Mystery Machine EP.3 – FIRST START UP!!!! Turbo Rotary Engine Comes to Life!

Main ROTARY Swapped Mystery Machine EP.3 – FIRST START UP!!!! Turbo Rotary Engine Comes to Life!

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    Come see this thing rip at Cleetus and Cars Houston!!! Tickets on sale now right here: …

    Cleetus McFarland

    Let me film a music video in that hahaha


    I click this because it’s SCOOBY DOO van

    Mrstellitlikeitis Just Us Gang Gang

    Looks like the scooby doo bus

    Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans.
    "With drive and a bit of talent, you can move mountains. I know. I've done it." ~Dwayne Johnson



    Can you flip the axle over?


    Just get the pocket osmo by dji lol

    fake name

    So this is how it will all End for Cooper sometime in 2020 by way of neck snapped in a top heavy Mystery Machine themed Rotary Swapped Micro Van rollover tragedy, wow.


    You get a fist bump! You get a fist bump! Cooper you get 3 just because

    Digital Nick

    Is this the first mid-engine Cleetus crew car?!?!!!??!!!!!

    Cade Pletka

    You should put your initials next to your welds.

    Charlie Pubg play


    Charlie Pubg play
    Jabber Gulch

    👍👍 so cool!

    Paul Queen

    CEO bros of being deaf at 30. Gonna need to see a decibel meter on this thing.

    Joshua Reske

    Number 20 on trending right now?! WOW

    Liam Sharp

    Is YouTube a dying platform?

    1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    Cleetus: "I want it to shoot fire immediately"

    Vargas bros: "hold my doritos"

    L3d Farm3r

    Yo I need. Coopers shirt

    mei li

    On April 25, 2017 the Missouri House of Representatives passed House Concurrent Resolution No. 7 condemning forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong and other prisoners of conscience and urging further action to stop the atrocities.

    “The resolution is about trying to bring awareness to prevent a terrible injustice to humanity,” said State Representative Lynn Morris, R-Ozark, the sponsor of HCR 7, on the House floor.


    Cooper has the ultimate poker face. I think he might be a T1000…

    Travis Lakey

    If you get a V30, V60, or V90 equivalent card, it should be fast enough write speeds depending on resolution and bit depth. There are a bunch of ratings for SD cards but I find the V30 v60 and v90 to be very representative of their write speeds and they have world nicely at 4k60 for me.

    hendrix herrin

    “I did the shorter one so the turbo has a better shot at not falling off” lmao

    Ross TV

    I know you guys see the hood up on the dale truck 👀


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    Floopus Doopus



    They are building the Mystery Machine?!! Awesome!!!!😆

    Lorry Stagg

    cleetus as burnout DTs he's twitchin out

    Nick Tichon

    sell coopers shirt!!

    good girls fun show

    You are 😎

    Un- Known

    Is it ok to rev up my near stock / factory car to the red line for a few seconds in neutral or park.? plzzz can anyone help ??

    Fast Eddie

    Every video I’ve seen since you guys moved into this shop shows the red S-10 up on the lift. What’s the deal?

    Garrett Krieger

    Trending above Eminem😂😂

    1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    “I didn’t make that, but I’m no snitch”

    Literally best quote from 2020 hands down. MY MAN

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