Wednesday, March 29, 2023

ROTARY Swapped Mystery Machine EP.5 SERIES FINALE – Cooper's First Rotary Micro Van BURNOUT!!!

Main ROTARY Swapped Mystery Machine EP.5 SERIES FINALE – Cooper's First Rotary Micro Van BURNOUT!!!

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    Come see this thing rip at Cleetus and Cars Houston!!! Tickets on sale now right here: …

    Cleetus McFarland

    Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s build! Was so much fun. Can’t wait to see Coop full send in Houston!!!


    Sounds like it's not getting good spark in the higher rpm?


    why pop the tyres? just swap the fronts and the rears and u have another 5mins of fun in your hands…


    Make the radiator fan pull but mount it on the other side.

    Gary Tyree

    Hey Cleetus did you know there is a picture of you and SXSBLOG in Dirt Wheels Magazine? It's the title page for Camp RZR

    Gadget Deez

    That thing needs a LOT more converter and a way better idle control.

    Bradley Ard

    That moment you realize that the Mystery Machine was the vehicle you should have shipped to Australia…

    Nathan Countyrman

    The rotary sounds awesome tho!!🤘🤘

    Nathan Countyrman

    You need to get some beefier tires and axels on the mystery machine

    Nathan Countyrman

    Rotary mystery machine🤘🤘


    The fear and focus on Cooper’s face – priceless

    K Kustoms

    My dad has an NSU Wankel Spider. it hasn't run in years. Should I sneak a rotary in it? Haha

    Josh Kiser Kiser

    O yea baby! coop is going to fly!!!!!!!

    Frankyy Marleyy

    YOU GUYS NEED TO CAGE THE OUTSIDE OF THE VAN LIKE LEEROY !!! So that if it rolls it will be saved that thing is going to roll @ some point why not be safe


    da fuck?? did Toast just loose to Scobbie Doo??

    Bundy Williams

    That Rotary sound🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    Str8Killin 843

    That thing is a burnout machine!!!!!


    Gonna need a lot of Scoobie snacks after all that smoking.

    Redneck Fantasy Factory

    Crazy fun! Great Video!

    William Smith

    Why the political adds. It sucks that you’ve added politics to your videos. I watch your videos to get away that shit. I hope you change this soon.

    Jirayus Jumpahom

    Good sound 👌🏻

    Chuck Beef

    You’re gunna be deaf by next week.

    Alex Robidoux

    Burnout, checked… Threesome in the back of the van… coming soon!

    Big Haus

    Would be cool to see y’all tube the back and put some big ole steam rollers on the back and see if it will hook up enough to pull the front tires witch I’m sure it would. Alsome build


    Damn…..Coop better be careful……that's a roll machine…..

    Jayson Eager

    Cleetus. When will I be able to get my hands on tickets for cleetus and cars in Indianapolis this April?

    Mike Mike

    100% success,do it for scoob!


    Sounds OBNOXIOUS !! Please put some sorta muffler on it….stupid sounding

    Zainab Mostamandi

    I have seen a different Mystery Machine Van similar in Melbourne Chadstone…..idk

    Austin Ty

    Jezzz coop gave it the dewwwww

    alex betancourt

    Make this a dhl truck

    alex betancourt

    Dont turn it off mid ignition cycle gonna flood the pig

    Jeremy Baker

    Mystery machine sounds sick! Scooby and shaggy would be stoked!


    Miss the merican motors, sounds like sh*tt

    coast camaro

    That things awesome I would deffently be putting a cage in it or at least a bar thought it was going over for sure 😆

    Talkie Toaster

    As much as I love you guys and this channel, I really don't get this whole thing lol.
    Also, in what universe does that thing sound even remotely good?

    Miguel Beltran

    So where did Cooper's Supra go


    I knew Scooby doo loved Rotary's

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