Saturday, March 25, 2023

Ruby Fights For Her FIRST Competitive Win! FINALS With a Twin Turbo Lamborghini!

Main Ruby Fights For Her FIRST Competitive Win! FINALS With a Twin Turbo Lamborghini!

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    NEW TOAST SHIRTS!!!! – 2nd event of the season has already started! LETS GO RUBY!!! Check out our schedule for 2020 …

    Michael McSwain

    Well ya can buy one or build one…built usually wins…not that I wouldn't drive the Lambo….to the track👍

    Sherky Vang

    Who here misses his white corvette?

    Kelvin H.

    Awesome Win!

    Charles Cannell

    Cleets the GOAT.


    I love that lambo guy had the balls to get mad a cleet when cleet had every right to walk him on that first start. don't ready up if you aren't ready big guy


    Guy in the Lambo was pissed? Did I hear that correctly? What a sore loser. Some people just don't know how to take an L.

    Chris Cichon

    Anyone else think they did some mods off camera to Ruby? She's mean af

    Justin Proulx

    I spy a Vargas.. mystery machine enjoying some doritos?



    The Carpenter Dad

    American BALD EAGLES strikes AGAIN!!!


    lol is that a white holden at the video's very end?

    Steve Smith

    Did I miss the part where the lambo driver was a douche? Got to love all the haters in the comment section getting jealous and hating on the guy with the lambo.. bet if it was an American car nobody would give a damn.

    who cares if he lost. The dude literally never said anything or did anything to be a bad sport. Most lambo owners never take them out them let alone take them to UGR and race them. Should be saying good job instead of saying stupid stuff like how his ego is hurt or is a “spoilt punk “ like some people 🤦‍♂️


    One might think mullets make you smarter, faster and sexier.


    it's pronounced ga-yar-do

    Doug S

    Dude in the 3rd gen seemed a bit aggravated at the questions hahaha

    Brody Lewis

    was that a wild Vargas i saw at the end there?


    Where was James?

    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1

    Cooper is the fuckin man

    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1

    Mullet blowin in that Florida breeze I see you boi


    I'm not a fan of roll racing.

    Mr Lewis

    wooo let’s go ruby haha 🤣 👍

    Craig Voll

    You want rolls go to the bakery


    Get a Speedo, turn up boost. Run to 170, slow down to 150 at the finish line, win every race!

    Cydney Johnson

    This is why roll racing at the track is idiotic. A faster car can just run in a slower class, hit the brakes before the traps, and take home the win every time. It's almost as bad as bracket racing. Keep roll racing in Mexico.

    Joey Young

    I’m pretty sure I can speak for a good bit of people who would agree with me but I’d love to see this ol girl Ruby get down on the street or some no prep races…hell even participate in some roll racing at TX2K!! 🇺🇸🤘🏼Hell Yeah Brother!! Lol

    pyro 323

    246 dislikes? What?! There be some haters up in the comments section.

    vwboost Got Boost?

    Do drift week with lone star drift !!!!

    Obs Tony

    Where’s the Supra what’s the update on that

    ojeda tony

    Have to ask… what keep someone from having their ECU stop at 150mph?


    Finesse racing. I like it!

    gaxtronious gax

    Hail and hail and kill hail and hail and kill 🤘🤘🤘🤘 hail and hail and kill hail and hail and kill. Lol was listening to manowar before this that song gets you pumped af

    John Kyle

    Who is the giraffe

    Stephen Bland

    12:26 is that a Vargas?

    Robert Elmo

    Jeez, you people can't figure out how easy Ruby wins this lol?
    The "loophole" is that you just need to get to the finish line as QUICK as possible and then slow down to less than 150mph.
    It's so flawed lol, you could show up with a Promod, take off and leave everyone at half track, then slam on brakes and get her down and beat everyone here.
    Dig race…this stuff is crap and the best guy doesn't win.

Viewing 35 posts - 1 through 35 (of 35 total)
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