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Ruby is NOT Going To Race at World Cup… Here's What Happened (sad bald eagles)

Main Ruby is NOT Going To Race at World Cup… Here's What Happened (sad bald eagles)

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    CODE RUBY T-SHIRTS! – This dyno session ended with some results that didn’t have Cleetus and the boys too happy!

    Cleetus McFarland

    Hey guys, FYI I know a great tuner like Jeremy or Kevin could squeeze some more HP out of Ruby, but we’re just too close to the race to get that done in time, and it still wouldn’t be enough. We had to make the call, hope y’all can understand! Let’s get Leroy back in them 7’s!!!

    John Conner

    To make more "easy HP", i believe that you should reconfigure (make new) the exhaust system.
    Means: bigger, like 2.5 inches exhaust pipes, (per Cylinder), from the cylinder heads until the Turbo. And if you use a collector to "just get one" exhaust pipe, the total area of the pipes should be the same as, or more, than 4 times the area of a 2.5 inch pipe.

    As you have it now, the exhaust pipe from the left cylinder head is too long and too narrow for a great output of the engine. (It creates back pressure)

    bofooit gojo

    Leroy, and its not even my own car lol. So I imagine being around those cars gives you some motivation to get real deep into the 7s as well.




    leroy'd probably rip like crazy off a custom 6-bolt head fitted aluminum block, like a dart, would shave weight off the nose, too!


    McFarland fab shirts


    Bogger shirts

    Husky 14

    You need to get Leroy shit together, we wanting to see 7s again

    Flyn Sigler

    340ft lbs of torque? I thought it would make more.

    JuneauJ’s 1

    I think at this point your needing a vacuum pump on your crankcase, on all your cars. I could be wrong, But i'm pretty sure i'm not wrong. Anyone else have a take on this?


    Carbon fiber body with the right aerodynamics designed by a good team via a fluid dynamics program to design a body for the best performance is what you guys really need on Leeroy. You're gonna need some professionals on that. The goal is the least amount of drag, and the most wind pressure on the bald eagles for better boost.


    just give him a 200 shot of nitrous and run a 6


    Yall should make a shirt with neighbor doing a burnout or getting sideways


    Low 7’s 💪 There’s a 4 cylinder to catch out there. Leroy needs the love

    Walter Joy

    Damn Code Ruby sold out. Guess I gotta wait for the re release (because you know there’ll be one)

    Spencer Christiansen

    Did the code ruby shirts sell out already?


    Not sad at all. I just want to see Leroy RIPPPP

    coinstalker Hunt Hard

    Cletus I think your new project should be a 1976 midget with a 2JZ twin turbo fire breathing mini midget or call it the mighty midget but I think that light car would be super fast Ben is back wheel drive


    I want to see more of James and coopers cars. More or them driving to

    tommy marks

    James get the tool box an full pulll please!!!!!!


    Cleeeeet you really need get a better barber to give you a nice clean mullet look🤷🏼‍♂️ I'm justttttttt sayinggg my guy👍👍


    #TwinTubskiesForRuby WHO'S WITH ME!?

    Bryan O


    Charming nowhere to hide

    Yay, finally Leroy stuff. Got really tired of the side projects.

    Alex Burns

    Keep the elcamino and jet engine and make a hover craft dude. Easy, safe and you could even start a new drag bracket.

    tanner newcombe

    Damn are them bardle skeet shirts already gone? I need one cleet!

    Steven Rittiner

    Put a single promod 88 on ruby and 2 of em on leroy

    Steven Rittiner

    Get an overnight order from precision

    captain john Rambo

    That's not a mullet ..

    Teflon Don

    Ruby lookin pretty all washed up and shiny. But what’s the deal how Ruby go from 8.0s to shiity close to 9s. I feel like Copper “I’ll go in the office until somethin cool happens” lol seriously she needs a tear down and trouble shoot she’s losing power some where

    John Smith

    What happened is that you guys suck at building cars. You just have money to waste.

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