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RULE #1 Never Move The Customers Seat!! Because this Can Happen… πŸ˜’

Main RULE #1 Never Move The Customers Seat!! Because this Can Happen… πŸ˜’

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    I made the rookie mistake of moving the power seat in an older car. NEVER EVER DO this on a customers car! Murphy’s law always seems to sneak up and bite …

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    Never look under the seat either, often nasty, sometimes weird.

    Darrin Clem

    So customer is 5 ft tall and u r 6ft 3. Tell customer to found shop with short mechanic.


    Avoid problem , note where seat is when it comes in ,if you need to move seat to make the repair do so and then jump switch to return it to original position , your problem was you did not mark seat position before working on it , your best defense is that I never moved the seat, and if it is back on its marks the customer has nothing on you. Learned this hard way adjusting a brake light switch and taking the seat full back for access to the switch and not noting where I started.


    Good tip…always hated that when a tech moves it.
    Your driving it 20 feet into the tire change bay.. and they move your seat to some weird position.
    Takes a week to get it right again.. especially power seats.


    Rule No 2. Never open a Window πŸ˜‰

    hua jack

    what if the customer is midget with short legs and seat is all the way forward. you cant even get into the car????


    Just push all the way forward.. let customer move back.


    I am 6'3", I can't always follow the rule when I need to move a car owned by a 5 foot nothing woman.


    I normally only move it if it’s all the way forward and I cant get in the car. I’m leaving you this comment straight from Hyderabad India where I’m at for a while.


    Question: How do you avoid moving the seat, if you are 5'8", and the customer is 6'4"?


    A $2 Ford seat switch at you local junkyard

    Michael McCurley

    God have mercy on those who have to deal with the public.


    Replacing it Wasn't an Option ? Go the Step further. SMA riding on it Baby.


    Or maybe instead of moving it all the way just test in very short movements to see if it moves forward and back. If it doesn’t move in one direction at least it’s just a tiny bit that moved which the customer will most likely not notice.

    Ken R

    back when i worked at the shop the only time i ever moved a seat was if it was to far up for me to even get in. i'm 6'1" so when someone under 5' came in i had a time getting in. but i would and could scrunch myself up to bring it in the shop. test drives were something else some

    Moo Cow

    if the customer was smart he'd let you get a wreckers switch and replace it

    Rebel N Dirt

    I had a car that was rear ended pretty hard. The seat back broke but the insurance adjuster didn't catch it, they (and I) just figured the owner liked the seat reclined as was a popular position back at this time. I DIDN'T MOVE THE SEAT!! I didn't have to there was plenty of leg room for me. Owner comes to pick up the car and is pissed that I moved the seat… accused me of being one of those gang bangers who recline the seats and lean over the center console… I had to listen to the guy for 15 minutes lecture me about how I need to get my life together. Once he was done I informed him that the seat was like this when the car came in, I didn't touch it, I have a good career type job and a wife and 2 kids at home, which is a home I OWN!! And also remember you, not I was rear ended in this vehicle and that can cause the seat to break (as designed to help absorb the impact forces) and that he needs to bitch to the claims department of the insurance company and not ME!

    My boss heard the entire exchange and later told me he was surprised that I didn't just pop off on this guy. I told him that the idiot owner of that car isn't worth losing my job over.



    Peter Mitchell

    Damn ! These fancy new cars. I have to reach under my seat and move it manually !!


    eric i have a question, have you or would you ever use propane in an oxy torch instead of acetylene?

    Frank Gonzalez

    The joy when the owner who's 5'2 and doesn't want your 6'2 self moving the seat.

    Jakon Long

    If they wanted that fixed for good they need a new power seat switch or what?

    dewey dodo

    customer should have told you

    Joseph springer

    Then I can't get in to fix it! Now what?

    Briggs Guy

    My rule number 1 is to move the seat. At 6 foot 1 inch tall if the seat breaks its something out of my control. If i cant fit my legs in the car im not driving it lol.

    Jason Voorhees

    rule #2 if wife has been driving the car its on empty

    Branden Russell

    Mr. O question, do you have a favorite brand of vehicle to work on and wich version if you do (gas/diesel car/truck)?

    Dlf Idgaf


    Mazda Malde

    Mexican switch or too much burger queen grease? I sought after the last Mexican DieHard Manual charger instead of falling for malicious chineese fire hazards, same with the next Samsung TV.

    Fadi Koka

    Lol it happens also with sun roof windows and more

    Rich Heller

    If you wer my trusted mechanic i would simply gladly pay you full price for fixi g my seat..or expect you to be too busy for me next time


    You should also cover. Do you have a brake pedal? Also never roll down a window until you prove it works correctly. Good advise to the new generation of mechanics. Hope they listen.

    Lewis Beshers

    Pointing apparatus. Crackin' me up.

    Henry Recinos

    Sir? Did you move my seat? Yes! Why? Cause your too fucking short and I'm too fucking tall 🀣


    Rule #1 should be "I don't work on your car unless either the seat is already fully functional or you pay me to make it fully functional."

    kman 4443

    Shoulda sprayed it with brake cleaner!


    RULE 4

    : If you need help, ask!


    Rule 3 #

    Don't believe what you're told. Double check.


    Dumb ass

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