Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Rusty to running: Chevy Stovebolt 6 engine rebuild time lapse | Redline Rebuild S3E5

Main Rusty to running: Chevy Stovebolt 6 engine rebuild time lapse | Redline Rebuild S3E5

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    It’s time for another Redline Rebuild time-lapse video! You saw us pull our 1960 Chevrolet 3600 truck from the woods earlier this summer. And you watched as …

    J D

    I loved the 62 Chevy panel truck I used to have, it had an engine just like that one, it always ran great.

    H 2O

    Song please

    Kert Sison Tare

    I've waited for this one! You guys nailed it👍

    Larry Marvick

    Hate the music, completely unnecessary, and It ruins the video.

    Jon Minnella

    why is it called a stove bolt 6


    Thats a nice Ford LTD in the intro. Worth a project imo.

    Jeffery Lara

    You guys are the absolute best. Thank you for your hard work to bring such outstanding material for us.

    philips owen

    Congrate for 1million sub sue,we love your work



    Jefferson Darlan

    Nice song. Names?

    Abdul Hakim

    great job sir, engine repair with old scholl shop. Respect from indonesia


    That bolt holding the oil pump in, is fun to get to 👍👍😁

    Thanasis Marinis

    Among the best videos and channels on ENTIRE youtube!! Keep walking

    Thank you!

    Gameplay Weekend

    Almost at 1 million!!

    Rob J

    I used to help my father in his rural garage overhaul these engines in local farm trucks. The got rings, rod and main bearings, and a valve grind. They were very reliable. That was 50+ years ago.

    Sergoo Familia

    Очень круто

    علی رضا صبوری

    Very nice

    Timboss Hoss


    Cozy Art

    999 subs

    chev chevy

    54 3100 235 30 over steel seats, had Dirty Sally now for 30 years still runs like new,   jest rolled 90,000,,, what a girl

    Jamaah kleper 08 Kleper 08

    very good edits

    Diesel Power

    Badass Michiganders!!!!

    Marques Prude

    Masterful stuff


    It got a diesel engine set up


    Real engine

    BL St

    Dislikes are Prius driver's…..

    Jorge Luis

    The only one, the best!

    Ernesto Cervantes

    When toyota 22r please!!!!!


    Thanks for posting and sharing. Amazing workmanship.

    Michael Harrison

    Not a 1960

    David Muse

    This is just incredible.

    Shawn Miller

    Seems like a giant waste of money for another old truck with a tiny bed and a six cylinder? And were they painting inside the block?, because I have absolutely no tolerance for morons who do stupid crap like that.

    SS AA

    🇦🇺 is that the same engine in the 69-72 f j 40 land cruisers cause mine is a 69 3 speed f motor

    Henry Recinos

    You are bad ass where you located?


    They just didn’t make them like this anymore 👍👍👍👍👍


    Top one. Nice one Get sorted. Your smile at the end said it all. Fuckin' love the videos and dedication man.

    Steve Mullin

    Amazing job on the film work and editing. The stop motion with the panning got me scratching my head. Black magic!

    gejepid youtube

    good job man !

    Tom K

    Music title and artist please

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