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    The S13 is complete and I almost catch the car on fire!!! What do you guys think about the S13?! I LOVE ITTTT!!! Subscribe if you think this car looks amazing!

    Takeshi Gen

    Sonny's videography at the end is on fire! I'm trying to make some car videos like that when the car season starts this Spring/Summer



    Tristan Galang

    i’m 17 can anyone recommend a good first project car i can work on that would be really easy and cheap? (ps. i don’t know jack SHIT about cars lmao)

    king chze

    Subscriber im very fan of youre cars im from Philippines very very nice cars and mags ilike da mags so much

    willie bacon

    Where’s the new vid

    YRN Jay

    Sonny hella funny 🚫🧢

    jack aviation

    It’s april pretty much and ur r34 has not come yet?

    6 Wave

    Randy’s the shit lol

    Francisco Parga

    Randy Did you keep or delete the egr ?!

    No Faced Jonas

    “all it needs is the wash” no it needs the motor


    What was the music for the car wash cinematics?

    Vince De Leon

    He did like a fucking turbo flutter like a STUTUTU! LAMBO DOORS!!!


    What color is that man I’m trying do the grom 🥺

    Arai Yakomo

    Why are they taking so long to build your engine? Shouldn't take that long.

    Toua Moua

    Randy you need a resonator on too in order for it to get quiter

    Dan Does Junk

    Great to see it come to life. I would add a muffler to help muffle the sound/bring the sound level down, maybe a glass pack muffler so it'll still look slick and low profile. But I would also wait to see how it sounds once you get the SR20 installed.

    Angel Gonzalez

    Idk what is but the front end with out the fenders hood and bumper looks so good in my opinion looks so aggressive


    "almost catches on fire" no where in the video did any thing happen….

    Taha. I love hopper areeb

    Please make a video of your dutsin 240z

    YBRider PH

    Sound like a honda lol

    Sg_car _enthusiast

    Randy please install the lambo doors for the another side

    Nico Cordova

    Remove the lambo doors, doesn’t fit for a drift car

    Abel Mendez

    l like your low cars and 1 day I have a low car. You are the best

    Ryan Ramos TV

    Static life or no life

    Ryan Cozart

    You better not drift it


    Put a hotdog on

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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