Saturday, March 25, 2023

Saab 9-3 Aero Front Brake Upgrade!

Main Saab 9-3 Aero Front Brake Upgrade!

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    when it comes to wheel nuts remember there is far more strength in your leg than your arm.

    long blond

    Riktigt bra jobb och bra video! Jag ska montera exakt samma bromsar, fast på en 9-5 Aero från 2006 – så TACK för bra instruktioner.

    potatoe potato

    When I did mine i just cut off the dust shield's rim with an angle grinder and banged it with a hammer a few times to prevent it from rubbing.

    Darth Volvo

    Great opportunity to change your wheel hubs if they were bad. Nice work as always. Like the new rotors and pads. They look awesome under those wheels.


    Man, those new calipers make the old ones look like they came off a mountain bike.

    javier moldes

    I agree with you oem colour calip. Is the best!

    Brian Bird

    Recently, I had to change the passenger side half shaft. The Jack method didn't work, it broke my 18" breaker bar. I even got a 24" heavy duty breaker bar on it and a piece of pipe over the handle as a cheater bar. Ended up putting a smile in the breaker bar without the center nut moving any at all.

    I got out a "truck stop special" 12v impact wrench that my father-in-law gave us. After it hammered 9 or ten times, it broke free easily and spun right off.

    To the guy that put it on, f#@$ you very much, buddy!

    Alex Strömberg

    How do people not know that jack trick..

    Also "the nut" is a axle nut.

    vinul g

    ooo that jack-method is genius

    Eóin MacLean

    Great trick with the floor jack! I’ll have to remember that one 🙂

    Brandon Dorsey

    My dad recommend the jack thing one time I was trying to break a stubborn nut free. Old school help helps lol. It a great trick!
    Other than the size difference is it a double piston caliper? I have a 2006 aero but my rotor are only 302mm. Is that only a turbo x setup? I'm looking to do a brake upgrade. I was looking at the brembo option but on carid the have a ton of wilwood options front and back fairly cheap


    Nice upgrade ! Enjoyed

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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