Saturday, March 25, 2023

Saab 9-3 Aero Steering Wheel Install!

Main Saab 9-3 Aero Steering Wheel Install!

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    Today a install an Aero steering wheel in my 2003 Saab 9-3 Arc! Thoughts? Leave them down below in the comments! Check out my new shirt here: …

    Auto Autopsy

    Thumbs up on the video for the new steering wheel? 😄👍🏼

    Szymon Pawłowski

    I have also heard that paddle shifters must be supported by TCM module and early modules dont support it, but dont know that from my own …. autopsy ….hehe . If you program it and tcm is not supporting it, then no errors on dash, if tcm expets to see shifters and they are not there – dtc, cheers


    I hope you manage to fix the buttons, because they really motivate me to use the manual mode, its no DCT, but it can be fun.

    Chris Budde

    04 and up Saabs have the airbag recall, also 04 and up also have a seat belt retractor recall ,so I got new seatbelts in the front of my 04 are 4 years ago

    Chris Budde

    The steering wheels are pretty much the same from 04 and on however when I changed mine my paddle shifters no longer worked so I took the ones off the original Areo 04 wheel ,put them on the silver 07 wheel and they now work ,they must either use multi plex wiring or its through tech2

    Beemer Life

    Hey can I put my non aero 04 air bag on my new 08 aero wheel

    mo gumbo

    I had a Saab 9-5… close to my favorite car of all time (and I’ve owned a LOT of cars) – but I’d say the only thing I never had to replace on that car, after spending $10k keeping a $1,000 going, was the steering wheel.

    that is all

    Anthony Littleton

    You have to tech 2 it

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Who does everybody think will win the NFC East this year, Cowboys or Eagles?

    Cardboard Silver

    Where did you find an Aero wheel that's not separating?!

    Also I had my recall done a few years ago. Quick and painless.

    Also, did you check if that airbag was a Takata one? Or if it had been replaced with an Autoliv or Delco one?


    You might also need to check the Boss CIM if Tech2 doesn't work. There might not be the connections for them.


    How do, you will need to Tech 2 the paddles into the program. 😉

    Abdur Rahman

    You have to marry the paddles with Tech II

    Kurt Jonke

    Aero steering wheel has to be programmed in with a Tech 2 like you said


    But.. Why? i like the non airo steeringwheel better

    Alex Dc

    I've done the same mistake on my car. Put everything back together without the screw. I realised it when I was driving in my parking lot lol.

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