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Saab 9-3 Alternator Replacement (2.0T)

Main Saab 9-3 Alternator Replacement (2.0T)

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    Auto Autopsy

    Hey all, little update on the door lock/window malfunction: took the door panel off yesterday and noticed a connector was unplugged somehow. Reconnected it and the issue was solved. Something very simple, thankfully! 🙂

    Lieutenant Axner

    Ok, people who know me know how much I love Saab. I'm 14 but grew with my dad having a Saab 900 Turbo cab, 9-3 and 9-5 sportcombi. My grandpa loved Saab (Sadly died 2015) , my dad love Saab and I love Saab. It's an old fantastic car. Recently I've been watching more and more videos of Saab because they are just amazing old cars. So I enjoy watching this video when a new video comes up. But I recently joined this community because of your Saab. I want my first car to be a Saab and the first car I drive a Saab which will be in 2 years. Saab is just so unique. They were more focused on the safety rather than how it looks. Like if you look at Top Gear dropping an old BMW and a Saab 900 you can see how they were focused on safety. I'm sharing this because I've been a sub for a few days and I love the videos because Saab isn't that popular because they don't make cars anymore.
    (English is not my first language so if I spelled something wrong, feel free to say it.)

    رمضان على

    فيديو مفيد و لكن نحتاج مزيدا من التفاصيل

    Tom Spencer

    That’s fiddly…but then there’s the 9-5 OG alternator r&r…SHEESH!!!! Completely buried under the oil trap on rear bottom of engine. Note to the wise: if you have 9-5 OG NEVEF EVER EVER drive through standing water. The alternator is as low to the ground as the brakes!!!

    Truth Factor

    Found my issue you saved me tons of time

    Steve Vandeveer

    as you know these things a bitter then me my 2003 93 aero starts runs good about 5 minutes then idles really rough so I shut it off try start again turns over then died try to restart it just won't turn over I unplug the negative terminal plug back in and it starts up 5 mins later does it again any ideas?

    Boogeyman B

    How many hp ? 200.. My Saab 9-3 is the vector versión and is 2.0


    Dude, you really need to get some power tools for that easy screwing 😀

    Denis Epiktetov

    Great video! Good to know also how you release serpentine belt and that cooling line removal. Thanks! 🙂

    Stev More

    I wanted to know how you got the belt off. I bought the same tool and i had to cut it and make it shorter

    Joseph Moghadam

    Is your coolant supposed to be that high ? I have a 2004 arc 2.0t and the coolant levels way lower then that ?

    Luke Mallory

    As someone else mentioned, could have done without the music, but job well done. Very finicky I suspect.

    Alex R.

    Auto Autopsy
    Don’t throw away the faulty alternator. Open it up and check the brushes, those are replaceable. Worn brushes are quite common on “faulty” alternators.


    Alternator Told you!
    I noticed the extra pair of hands as she gave birth to a dead alternator!
    I think the actual wriggling it out is the worst part.
    Thats where I would have edited all the expleatives out lol!

    Nigel Flynn

    Music really annoying..

    magna vox

    Cool thing is once you get used to working on transverse late 90s+ cars you're ready for anything else lol.

    BIG T

    I bloody love saabs

    Herman Shelton

    Great work. I wished you showed the belt removal. I just had to replace my belt and I couldn't get that tool to work for me. Any help would be good in case I have to do it again in the future.


    Glad u found a solution an fixed the problem


    Very cool. Have not done that yet. Looks pretty easy.
    Advice after noticing you removing the ECU: Find a spare Good used ECU from a salvage yard.
    Mine went out at 192k, and they can be hard to find or ridiculously expensive for the few new ones left out there.
    I recommend checking out Trionictuning's site for learning how to flash it yourself.


    "Installation is, of course, the exact opposite of installation". And walking in a circle, you will end up right where you started. We live for your wisdom! Thanks for the chuckle…… and it's nice to see the Arc – now….. time to address that paint….. it's polishing season!

    Tom S

    I have a Saab93 1.8t 2007 with 140000km and the only thing ever I've had to change was a car battery (it was -25C and I had forgotten cabbin lights on). Is my Saab a freak individual or? I have had Saabs since 1992 and I've never had problems with them. Except breaks seem to need maintenance. Btw. changing my 2 din car radio to Alpine IEX F309 this week. (Speakers had been previously changed.)


    Not my favorite video of yours, I wish you filmed the removal and mentioned types and sizes of bolts, missed opportunity I see

    Thanks for sharing what you did though..what year is your arc? is a 2004 convertible


    I just jack up the motor and get a breaker bar with the same size to break the tension on the belt

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