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Saab 9-3 Turbo X One Year Ownership and Maintenance Costs

Main Saab 9-3 Turbo X One Year Ownership and Maintenance Costs

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    Rob Gillingwater

    I always find Michelin work best on Saabs at least for UK climate (wetter) and road quality

    Dennis Spors

    The expense us from the previous owner's lack of maintenance. My original engine was done at140000. So was the clutch turbo and trans. But I only bought it for $3500 two years ago..2006 manula aero

    Mannix Wheary

    Continental tires warranties are terrible, riped me off after 7000 miles on my 08 convertible. Their gold dealer confirmed tire defect…and in their arrogance, they offered me a $20 coupon to buy new ones. Sell yours immediately and buy michelins…i did…btw great info ur providing viewers, great to see so many ppl still love saab. I have 4

    Boogeyman B

    $ 1500/usd only is parts plus labor in 1 year..I prefer to buy a new car

    Boogeyman B

    178,000 miles are 302,000 km..I would like to buy a car under 50,000 miles


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    Anthony Frank

    $250 dollars for XWD service? Just not possible or deal of the century! To properly service the XWD, the filter, gasket and fluids is $185 in parts. Just changing the fluid does nothing for these cars. The gasket inside corrodes, the fluids mix and boom, “service XWD” and a external new pump is needed. Just looking out.


    Big issue on the v6's is the timing chain. When that goes it's a lot of work. Should last a long time though providing the car is well looked after


    There’s a turbo x for sale a state away and it’s super tempting, I already have my Arc tho. 😬


    If this isn't your daily driver car, what is your daily driver?

    christopher hayne

    My guess is your coolant leak means you need a new water pump.


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    Auto Autopsy

    Moral of the story: you’ll barely spend any money on your Turbo X if you don’t break shit while doing other work on it

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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