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Saab 9-3 Turbo X (V6) Coolant Expansion Tank Replacement

Main Saab 9-3 Turbo X (V6) Coolant Expansion Tank Replacement

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    Today I replace the coolant expansion tank on my 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X! Check out my new shirts here: …

    RyeBread HD

    Is the 2.0T or the 2.8T more reliable? Thanks

    Tim Rocheleau

    I had the coolant level low too on my v6 and it was actually low, right under the "low" marker inside the tank. I filled it up a couple of times but it would always drop to that exact same level. So I replaced the expansion tank with a brand new one from Genuine Saab but that didn't fix the problem, still dropping to the same level, I just don't get the low coolant level message anymore ? What do you think it is ?

    Fredrik O

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    While you have the left side apart, the water pump replacement will be pretty easy to do. It is basically a plate with the pulley on one side and the impeller on the other. Just bolts to the face of the motor on that side. Super easy insurance for another 150k miles. The caddy SRX used the same engine and I believe the pumps are the same, minus the $200 markup at the SAAB parts counters. Someone know if this is the case? I did mine a few years ago and cannot remember but pretty sure I did not pay $250 for the part. Just take the old pump over to your local parts store to compare to the SRX pump if they have it.

    Derek Chabros

    I had the same problem on all of my 2.0Ts, seems to be a common problem especially here in Arizona because of our summer heat


    Oddly enough, I got this coolant low warning yesterday morning on my 2006 aero and I did give it much thought, just topped probably a quarter of coolant and the warning is gone and hasn't come back yet, will keep an eye on it.

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Alright Autopsy Nation, it's poll time. What injury do you think will keep Carson Wentz sidelined this season?

    Urban Jentry

    Brake fluid level looks low

    Nicholas Trambitas

    I can attest that if you're going to get a new coolant tank, get the OEM Saab one! I bought a GM tank for my 9-5 and after a month of driving, it cracked again.


    Glad that you have found the issue

    But what about P0089 issue? Have you done anything?

    Charles Caltrop

    Those screw clamps on the coolant hoses are crap..SAAB original clamps are CLIP tipe ..the reason IS..the force required to secure the how is not to big…the CLIPS secure the hoses in place and their shape make the tension EVEN around the hose..their function IS NOT to seal the hoses…what usually happens with these hoses is that the hoses are deformed or even extrangulated as people think that tighten them will help them seal better….hope this help you do a better repair.

    Greg Wensman

    I just did the Saab Dr. upgrade using the 95 hoses. They are wrapped in heat shielding. So far so good. Per my eSid2 temp is running a couple of degrees cold. Great video

    Eduardo Ruiz

    I already told you that it was the level of the expansion tank level sensor 😎

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