Monday, March 20, 2023

Saab Owners' Convention 2019! (Day 1)

Main Saab Owners' Convention 2019! (Day 1)

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    This video showcases Friday at Saab Owners’ Convention 2019 in Loveland, Colorado! So many unique, exotic, and rare cars showed up at this event! Special …

    Auto Autopsy

    Thumbs up on the video if you enjoyed! Stay tuned for my next video of Saturday’s coverage with even more Saab’s!

    Jim Bob

    Great video man this is paradise for me lol. Wish there were more 9000 still on the road these days it seems they’re kinda rare

    Patrick Storey

    Fantastic. Loving the UK 9000

    Nathaniel Couey

    That reverse steering has me all kinds of confused.

    Alex Saab

    That diesel looks a little cleaner than last year still rough

    Darren Burke

    Great video Bro ! Thanks for the effort to make it happen, Cheers

    esiason rodriguez

    I need a tech 2

    Boogeyman B

    I didnt see any Saab 9-7X


    I got saab Wood 🤗😆💪😎


    Next time, take that reverse-steering 900 through the main parking lot. Dirt and cones are for amateurs!

    Herman Shelton

    OMG this is an awesome video. Keep up the great content.

    Un- Known

    Thank you

    Michael Jackson

    What's the secret of not seeing any of 9-2X, 9-4X, or even 9-7!
    Even last year we couldn't see any 9-2X or 9-7!


    Wish I could have made it out there 😞. It seems really better than the previous one. And I can see a lot of modified SAAB's and alot of people there, Even the activities and programs provided by the team are much better than the last year

    tj laven

    Great video! Kate and I had a great time at the convention (our first). Saw so many beautifully restored Saabs; I felt inspired to tackle the corrosion on my 2003 Arc's side mirror mounts this week. Especially enjoyed the talks given by Fredrik Ekendahl and Peter Bäckström. @Simple Car Blog – It was so cool to be around so many people who love and care for Saabs.


    Sweet stuff Jacob. You seem to have a lot of favourite colours and models. Please pick your ideal one by the end of convention. It would also be cool to see you tinker with one of the classic 900s. Those are reliable and restored properly- would be great addition to following conventions. And you taking care of an oldie- that would make great youtube content, I'm sure.

    Eóin MacLean

    Damn I missed out! Well, there’s always 2020 ;).
    You mentioned Talladega….there’s one not to far from me, a ‘97 with only 64k miles, selling for $1900. Temptations 😀


    Drooling! 🤤👌🏻❤


    I didn't see any 9-7x SUV's……..

    J S

    How about a little more on the 900’s? They’re Saab’s too!


    I just don't get the reverse steering, is it a common mod or something? And what's the point of it?

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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