Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Saab Owners' Convention 2019! (Day 2)

Main Saab Owners' Convention 2019! (Day 2)

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    This video showcases Saturday at Saab Owners’ Convention 2019 in Loveland, Colorado! So many unique, exotic, and rare cars showed up at this event!

    Auto Autopsy

    Make sure to check out my coverage of Friday if you haven’t already!

    The Weekend Driver

    Jesus ad city bro.

    Lavonte A

    Literally when I got my NG 9-5 when I was 16 everyone keeps looking at it which what I want a car that’s different but even thought the car is getting older I’m planning to purchase a 2018 or 2019 Honda Accord Touring 2.0t


    Al of these Saabs and no 2.0 saab 93 aero 2011 reali

    Jim Hickstein

    "Crickets" because we asked people to hold their applause until all the cars for a category (3rd, 2nd, 1st) had been up on the screen. It goes a lot faster that way.

    Stephen Davis

    I just sold my last 9-3, a very low milage 2006 ARC and miss it already however my 9-5's are soooo much more comfortable, have a better sound systems, go harder and are more SAAB just a shame they don't have ReAxis…

    The Raze

    You missed the NG 900 Turbos

    The Raze

    East Coast Saab Owners are waiting for an even over here.

    C Hancock

    My wish is one day to find a dealership that looks exactly like this parking lot…and to have Pablo Escobar money when I do.

    SA2180 SA2180

    4:55 NEVS Sonett


    Second place?! Robbed. You should have scored more points for the license plate. Next year, remind me to send in my absentee ballot.

    Kyle Pancis

    next year i need to come out

    Markus Steel9-3 A

    Hello there

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