Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Say "Inner Fender Liners" 3 times fast…

Main Say "Inner Fender Liners" 3 times fast…

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    Project JLo AKA JL Overlander is coming along nicely. In this video I’ve got some updates for you and I’ll also show you how to install Jeep JL inner fender liners …

    Christopher Lewis

    "Inner fender liners three times fast."
    – Me

    Niner 8 Tango Juliet

    I think the best mod that can be done to a JL is a “For Sale” sign in the window.


    Pointless modification.


    I know what you can install next. Install my name on the registration papers😂


    Do halo LED headlights on the JL. Those would look really good

    E G Glz

    Not related to this video, but Matt what do u think about the jeep cherokee trailhawk. Thinking about buying 1 not sure about the Chrysler and fiat thing.

    Ryan Tidwell

    Bleeping Jeep: Building the best mall crawlers. None of that boring off-road stuff. Nice Matt.


    Next mod should be a hula girl on the dash sir. I mean. Obviously.


    sometimes when watching you on a project is like watching Red Green …… : )

    Carolus Magnus

    Your Jeep, errrrrrrrrrr, Wifes Jeep, is looking sweeeeeet.

    Shane Affsa

    I started following you because your fabrication on the scorpion crawler was awesome. This was just boring. You should have made them from scratch. Tig welding aluminum is always fun!

    Jakub Strumiłło

    First usefull mods should be changing tire on Coopers ST/Maxx much more usefull open tread tire and quieter on road. And you should paint those inner fender liners using some urethane bedliner like Cobra or Raptor to prevent annoying sounds from stones and making them last longer.

    Joseph Wells

    needs #wontons


    Pull back ever so lightly….UT OH…. Were brothers from different mothers….the UT OH happens to me all the time…LOL

    Eyebrows Mahoney

    Gonna be honest, these inner fenders aren't really an upgrade. You're paying an insane premium for aethetics. Not only are they gonna allow more mud to cake up in the places they don't cover, the mesh is gonna allow the mud to cake up and get everywhere it normally wouldn't. They're also gonna rattle and make lots of noise in the gravel and whatnot unless you deaden them which you really can't with the mesh… and even worse, they'll start to add rattles to your ride. 400 bucks for something to do an even worse job of its intended job… I drive an old Cherokee so I have rattles galore, but some folks get irritated with it.


    those sound like they would rattle so much offroad

    Jesse C

    That little groove they cut out for the wires, the everything that can go wrong will go wrong in me says to cut a little piece of tube and fit over that so the wires have a nice soft plastic/rubber to rest on. Vibration is a hell of a thing, maybe not this year, maybe not in three… but eventually…

    Mark Chidester

    How about a higher ceiling and door!

    Jesse James

    I have the ace inner fenders blah blah blahs and goddamn do the rattle like a spray can! Idk what to do!!

    Andrew Browner

    when did we stop making stuff and start installing stuff…


    Let natt build one of his awesome front fenders with a winch and tow shackles 👍 should make the front look clean and mean 😏 and help pull it out the flowerbeds 🌻🌷💐🌸🌻🌺🥀🌻


    Diff covers and full body skids ,, my vote..thanks for the video,,, hahaha at the mall in the flower beds lmao

    Lostin Space

    I just bought some Mamba M13 Wheels for my 95 ZJ and put them on last week. Awesome Wheels!

    Ty Bilodeau

    Is this an upgrade? Won't dirt and dust get into the engine bay that much easier? What's the weight difference?

    Come on, Matt! Are you gonna put every part on that a sponsor sends you, no matter what? What if they send you some truck nutz?


    Those are really sweet Matt!!

    Larry Alexander

    The mesh in those fender liners are gonna let mud and dirt right through.

    Dan Hambrick

    Bumpers next….

    Jim Belcher

    Hellcat should be next

    junior portillo




    Cole Vander Broek

    You should look into Trail rax overland tool mounting solutions for the JL

    gavin frost

    Body armor
    Maybe engine mods

    Dru Bradley

    I thought you were not gonna build the heck out your wife's Jeep!!!!! Lol…

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