Monday, March 27, 2023



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    RDBLA is about to get the Hellkeazy back up and running G Squad and I’m excited to see the outcome! So make sure y’all stay locked in by Subscribing and …


    You not bringing the other dog I forgot his name

    Bmw 3s

    Maybe it’s a sign you should get a Demon next? 😏😏

    Matt King

    How you get to that red rug interior g squad??

    Nando S

    hit the mirror and played it off gewwd!

    Reggie Rousseau

    King of click bait.

    Helder Rei

    Knowing rdb it's going to be 70k, shout out to rdb fans

    Gustave Dorante Jr

    The hellkeezy sounds like a monster

    Eduardo Suarez

    Liking for the dog. She adorable

    So Lit Gamer

    I made a Hellkezy on Need for speed payback looks just like yours

    TJ Joyner

    The YG interior lmaooo

    Memphess Bommarito

    so then what happened to that house you just bought?

    John Smith

    Get a real car – GT350!

    Lamar big Dallas

    For some reason this dude is funny as f*** I can't stop laughing at all the terms you use I guarantee you this is the type of guy you give him a blunt and he will shred the party LOL

    thomas rock

    it's sad he don't talk about his woman,,,,,,, UNCLE TOM

    Miles Daugherty

    Nice truck


    I guest you getting the 2020 supra like me.

    Miguel Blanco

    Sale me your engine

    Savvy Salvatore

    Your hellcat has Minnesota plates??

    Ahmed S

    Legendary click bait πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

    Matthew Burkholder

    What happened can't drive??

    Jay Ford

    Atleast u have other transportation, alot of people only have 1 car & no full coverage for a rental car,good luck on their end

    Jerry Payne

    Keep doing the damn thing bruh, it’s inspiring

    John Wright

    Good for you dummy

    Reebok301 301/202

    You’re dog slithers like a snake why she walk like that lol

    Lazaro Miranda

    It was time for a new hellcat anyways


    It’s time for that demon!!!


    Jay z lips without chap stick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ bruhhhh!!!

    Alejandro Espinoza

    Car πŸš— ?

    LoWkEy RT

    Did I miss somthing where’s his girl n kid n king ?


    Home boy talks too much !!! lol

    yo boi

    Sucka look clean too minus the front being damaged


    You should hit up Irwindale Speedway. They have 1/8 mile drag strip. Would make for some good video content. Keep doing what you do. Videos are always entertaining πŸ’―.

    Gil Bolden

    Did you say, "JayZ lips without chapstick? ok ok! HE GOT 99 PROBLEMS AND HIS LIPS ARE ONE, OK!

    Carlos Ramirez

    What are you planning on copping next?

    Brannin Bova

    I’m always getting that one sprite ad with the wannabe migos

    Justin Manigault

    Bring it back with a color shifting red wrap… something krazi… damn car is dope bro

    Leo Trujillo

    Great Videos. Digging that positive mind set even after your car getting in an accident. Hope to run into you one day. Our company does alot around your area. We might have even done that building for all I know lol. Keep that grind going!

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