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Saying goodbye to the '62 Wagon & crazy Cars in storage units | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 63 (Part 4/4)

Main Saying goodbye to the '62 Wagon & crazy Cars in storage units | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 63 (Part 4/4)

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    It’s the home stretch of our road trip from Midland, TX to McPherson, KS, and it has been an action packed adventure of hunting down old cars. We’ve heard the …

    John Campbell

    My first car was a '63 Falcon wagon hand me down from me mom. was also red, 170ci. but it had a factory four speed!

    gerald durling

    POS Trump flag


    Never knew all these things were going on in my own back yard.

    You also beat me to the whole “welcome to Kansas” thing lol

    Doug Dobbs

    Awesome video and story.keep up the great shows.peace

    derrin pickett

    The President of that school is so burnt I bet I could convince him to give me a full ride scholarship. Heck I bet could get him to put me on the payroll.


    Dang it!!! I wish I could have bumped into you!! although I live in Garden city West of Dodge. swing by I'll show you my 66 lincoln!! and my 65 fury. 😂

    derrin pickett

    That Crosley panel rat rod dually needs a copper radiator.


    God I love the rat rod / post apocalyptic thing!

    Eric Mayo

    <rant> Stop calling car engines a "motor." A motor is an electrical device and an engine is a combustion of fuel device. </rant> very cool video! Love your finds and their stories

    Bryan Peters

    Way to ruin a Datsun dude…

    Gregg Collins

    Love the Cortina. My first car was a 67 mk2. I have been looking for one foe years.

    Gregg Collins

    When you say the name of the town, remember, there is no, fear, in McPherson.

    ZSB Novelties

    Abselulty top notch! Well done.

    Big Paul

    Great video, really good job on the wagon. I have tried to contact your crew about a little known place in Upstate NY but no response. Are you going to be in the NE anytime soon?


    I believe this just might be my favorite episode of Barn Find Hunter yet. Keep up the great work Hagerty and crew.

    Nathan Peabody

    Never heard of McPherson in detail ….. but its over. I love the University and I support it %100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Veteran of the Middle East and this is a dream…

    Tunna’s Auto Workshop

    I taught Automotive in College here in the UK for 20 years so this episode was a special one for me. This channel and the episodes are fantastic. Great idea to donate to the College and always great to see enthusiasm with the students. Well done. Tom did I see a Ford Sierra? Lots of British cars on the show but I do prefer the American iron !

    Kevin Allen

    Another boat anchor

    Brown Dog

    Gotta love all the plaid shirts.


    How much would y’all say that car is worth


    The young man with the Falcon, and the others, should start their own YouTube channels and chronicle the restorations.


    For your next wagon Get a 65 lemans wagon and put a 389 tri power into it and mod a gto scoop onto the hood

    Fleck Smugbrother

    In Jim, all I see is a reluctant Trump voter….

    Darrell Roeters

    Shows gone downhill.

    Soni‘s Garage

    Sexy from Soni’s Garage ❤️❤️

    Twisting Terrain

    Big Red? Name her the HagWagon or HagWag


    Just drove from Billings, MT to Regina, SK to San Diego, CA and saw a lot of beautiful rust. Lots of old trucks up in MT.

    David Galea

    The Americans have the best the toys..V8's, muscle cars, proper fireworks,guns,mini bikes, every type of race track you can imagine, reproduction car parts delivered in 48 hrs, junkyards with nice old cars, car modification laws that are fair..


    Bye bye wagon

    Sebastian Stock

    Can somebody pls tell me how the wheels are called on the GMC van?

    Patrick Peter

    At 13:47 I spot a European Ford sierra xr4i. It seems weird to think a few of these were made for the USA markets.

    Ralph Billick

    Great job, hope you go back in 6 months and revisit the car and see what they do to it ❗️🇺🇸

    MarioT’s CJResto

    Why is that I now want to move to McPherson Kansas; leave the IT Gig and start all over.


    Had both hl and PL 510's.


    The red Falcon station wagon story is awesome, good luck, I hope he can finish the project and take his grandma for a ride! I liked all of the students projects, great job guys!

    The Real Drunkard Hu

    That 62 wagon is still the coolest thing I saw the whole presentation.

    Ken Worcester

    Any way to find out what part of Northwest Kansas the '61 Ford Falcon wagon came from? My Grandad and later Aunt owned a mobile home park in Oberlin, KS. One of the tenants had a Falcon wagon just like that one. I have lots of great memories visiting family there when I was young. That wagon was always there and part of my memory.

    The African Homestead

    Wow, so cool! When I’m in the states, I live about 20 minutes from there! I’ve been in Liberia for eight years, but when I’m back home, I get my ‘70 Chevelle out and drive it as much as possible. I’ve had it for 30 years now and will not be for sale as long as I’m alive!

    Shane Summers

    Hey guys – been hanging out for this series but for some reason episodes 2/4 and 3/4 are missing from the channel list – is it just my end?

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