Friday, March 24, 2023

Scorpion Crawler is Defeated at Beasley Knob

Main Scorpion Crawler is Defeated at Beasley Knob

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    In this video we travel to Georgia’s Beasley Knob OHV trails and hit one called 93b where things don’t go so well for the Scorpion Crawler. After that we head to …


    Matt's the Boss.

    Christian Schulz

    Stop telling him to air down he probably got it by now jeez lol. I wish my Jeep was running like that rn😢 nice vidcha Matt


    I was starting to get Matt withdrawal syndrome 🤪

    Tom D

    I don't know if it's just me. But I don't think you had enough air in your tires…

    moab wheeling

    Awesome video Matt !! Can't wait until part 2 .


    hay matt, you know ya gota send it!


    Why didn't Cherokee boy air down after rolling it and being told to air down?


    Hell yeah! Once crawling ya'll!

    Off Road Extreme Films

    awesome shots as always..Matt what camera use?

    Paul Kaiser

    As always awesome video!!! Can’t wait to see you on Roku!!! Congrats!!!

    Kent Matthew

    Gulches? When you doing Gulches? I live 23 miles from it. I'd love to watch you tear something up! 🙂


    Always a good time Wheeling with ya. Now to race prep for TTS! 👊


    Four doors look expensive especially when the hardtop hits everything

    Marco Polo

    Love the Busted Knuckle collaboration, such a good video as usual. Can't wait for the show!

    christopher lee mcn

    Great group of friends and climbing skills

    Jeeping Down Under

    Dam mate, some absolutely sick Jeeps

    Jake Matthews

    I gotta say it’s very nice to see some TJ’s on a new YouTube video. For the last decade I’ve see far too many JK’s and now the JL and it was just over-played in my opinion. Seeing a TJ doing what it does best is just awesome.


    I wouldn’t say defeated that was some gnarly wheeling

    Michael Lynch

    Matt you made a video of airing down lol love the keep it up


    Awesome vid! What's the setup on that teal TJ? Love it!


    I love the look of those clear hard top panels, are those made custom? Great video

    James oppy

    exlnt vid! Loved it almost as much as my 2 year old- he sat on the desk for the whole thing. Blocking my utube worse than my cat does. "Bruummmmm"

    Bill Woo

    Only the good stuff. None of the boring crap.

    Bill Woo

    "Defeated". I'm laughing my ass off before opening.

    three wheela

    Air 👆

    Timothy Mualchin

    Decent amount of "Kanati" branding… but not sure if I saw anyone running Mud Hogs on the trail…

    James Wriston

    If you would have aired down you would have made it…

    Larry Alexander

    I liked how the blue Hiller was spotting

    Jeremy Rhodes

    What type of radiator does the blue TJ have?


    Should have aired down! You would have made it!! 😉

    Evan Moon

    A lot of really good Wheeling footage


    Blue Jeep sounds Healthy whats it got ?

    Larry Alexander

    Cool some home 4×4 trail riding

    Evan Moon

    Blue smoke is good right?

    Cars For Cash

    Why is everyone running so much air in the tires

    Chris Densmore

    Been wheeling up there myself. What a great spot to ride. I currently have a membership to ride Aetna mountain and thats where we go alot! It's cost allittle to ride but it is worth it. Nice video! I love watching all your videos!!

    T Parmer

    Revma Media is doing a great job capturing the action

    Mike Hoffman

    Very impressive wheeling. Even the rollover had a nice recovery

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