Tuesday, March 21, 2023

SHE’s HERE! MY 2020 Shelby GT500 HAS ARRIVED!

Main SHE’s HERE! MY 2020 Shelby GT500 HAS ARRIVED!

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    GT500 giveaway – MY Instagram – CHECK OUT PETROL WeRKS- …


    Congrats but this stuff gives me depression.


    Great to see that you got your car finally!! Hope I win the GT 500 from your contest.

    Hemi Dave


    terrace Robinson

    Do you still have the tt 5.0?


    Love the color, reminds me of the Gotta have it green. Always wanted one of those and now I never see them! Congrats bro, I'm jealous lol.

    Matt Sanocki

    Congrats man cant wait to see you at the track..

    Preston Hassell

    Congrats StanMode!!!… looking forward to future videos

    Octane Street – Apprentice Mechanic

    Ayeee Congratulations man! You're living out the dream for us all.


    Wow. Congrats bro. Super super happy and excited for you!


    Are those the painted on stripe option? Did Peter Griffin sell you a Gt500?
    You have to check out this A$$🤡 Nate Rider (Youtuber) he states he is going to be the first to set records Mods/Fastest

    Les Groom

    Farkin AWESOME bro LOVE IT 😍 😻 😊


    What is the story behind the white one (loaner) you are driving?

    Floyd Elliott

    Let’s hope you don’t get the misfires and parking break malfunctions that are very common so far. There’s a TSB for the misfiring already.

    And yet Car and Driver just picked the Camaro ZL1 over the GT500, and its 15k cheaper!

    Kevin Washington

    Looking good bro, congrats.


    Color FAIL

    I know everything!

    So happy for you!!



    Steve Hatzman

    Stangmode. I ordered a shirt from your site for the GT 500 entries but got no notification of my order or entries. Is everything all good?

    Blk Panther19

    That color is Sick congrats man

    Chuck C


    Jay Todd

    SM..did you take anything for the panic attack you had before seeing it..?

    Jay P

    Cool glad to see you stuck with the green like you said you would when you first saw the color.

    Robert Ward

    Stang Mode, love your channel. Speed Phenom is a track guy, love his channel. The fact that you can buy a car and race both with no mods is amazing. Back in the day I had a 68 442, ran D pure stock, low 14's on Sunoco 260 and got 8 miles to a gal. on a good day. Guys enjoy these times and hope it doesn't turn out like it did for me. 1973, bummer times.

    Luis Fernandez



    Congrats man!


    How do you find the time for everything? 😂 Your hard work has definitely been paid off but man I find just working and remembering to feed myself to be a challenge. Here you are as a father, husband, 9-5, and YouTube. I'm starting to think that you don't sleep.

    John’s Chess Channel

    Congratulations my man I want one I can't afford it right now,yours Stock so far will you tune or upgrade? 760 Horses dude!!

    Ryan Glassman

    So again you changed the thumbnail. Doesn't get tiring being such a tool and the lying all the time. And you claim to be some kind of pastor. How do you live with yourself?


    The green pops but I think the blue one looks better with sport stripes🚙 Congrats 👍🏻

    Christopher Prentice

    Gratz Dude. You grind hard for it. Enjoy!


    Will the giveaway car be at sheridan on saturday to see?

    Elvis Car Reviews



    FINALLY!!!!! YEEEESSSSS! Im SO proud and happy for you, bro. A lil ruff on the presentation, but damn I'd be speechless too if I'd driven, filmed and talked about it before and then MY Shelby shows up too.. Lol can't wait to see what you have coming and how you plan to use this epic, allstar, iconic car. IT ALWAYS SENDS, BUT IT NEVER ENDS!!! ( I thought of that for you, BTW… You can use it) 😉😄

    SVT Devin

    Finally Congratulations Bro ‼️ 2020 & you already making serious moves 💪🏼 Proud of you, im sure your family friends definitely are too 🙌🏼

    Your Mother should of swallowed

    I'm so behind, you pull up driving a GT500. You keep saying "We" idk what's going on !!?? How many GT500s did you end up buying ?

    Edit: Give away car ?

    boy teebah

    screw the breaking-in… just floor it…

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