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Shocks, Suspension, CLEARING THE AIR | Cross Kart Pt. 10

Main Shocks, Suspension, CLEARING THE AIR | Cross Kart Pt. 10

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    We had a bunch of comments saying that we mounted our front suspension to the chassis of our cross kart wrong, which would result in stress on the mounting …

    Vance Mac donald

    If your using a crappy extension cord with the welder you will not get full power from the smaller gauge extension cord, just a simple fix.

    Glenn fa

    It'll be fine you guys got it

    rob weitlauf

    stand the shock up and move the bottom towards the center of the cart. that will give less leverage.


    Attach the front shock to the lower A-arm, not the top A-arm. The resulting angle will be much closer to a right angle and therefore provide more resistance to compression.

    James Glenn

    I'm 1/2 way through the vid, you guys could have ran a cross bar across the lower control arm, parallel with the frame and mounted the front shock to the lower arm through the center on the upper control arm giving you a better angle on the shocks.

    Alpha Wërks

    Purge the pipe…..

    Alpha Wërks

    Ummm that's not a heigm joint because you can't adjust the length like you should be able to, this also causes poor geometry and that's why it loosened up after riding because it's actually wearing out the ball/pivot portion of the joint…. Over time it will rip them out because of egging.

    Woofer SD

    I really thought a Mini sprintcar frame, would better suit what your doing. Either way, I enjoy what your two are doing.


    You guys are doing awesome work as far as I'm concerned.. For the rooster, do you have enough footage to do a small montage/homage involving Ike and Leroy? Maybe as an endcard for a video.

    Steven Kersey

    If Henry Ford and the dodge brothers got as much heat as you guys do sometimes we would all still be on horseback. We all would be watching Camels and Cameras. Keep up the great work guys. And for the haters, read a book all great things came from trial and error. #camelsandcameras

    No Limit Brian

    Make it a push rod suspension it’s way better and cleaner looking.

    EJ S

    Well this show just got boring… Safety…? Using knowledge & engineering to build stuff…? Explaining…? Yawn…. : D
    On a jaw buster side note: I am guessing that little ("Sassy") rant would not have been added into this video had you been wrong, or if anyone but a possible "bush" known as "Jeb" were to have gotten injured on this build. Also, heard a lot of talk of pudding, but never saw any pudding… ; ) (I know you are saving the proof for the next video) : D
    On the real: I appreciate you addressing the community… I think just you taking the time to show the book and explain what you were doing was probably enough… (I really liked the drawing board explanation.) It certainly was convincing to me! As stated in my first comment above^ You guys have not always been known for safety and/or research necessarily, so people do wonder and worry… Myself, I have seen the progression in both of you guys, the projects you work on, and the way you are do things current day. This whole thing you guys are doing has come A LOOOONG WAY….! It is all the result of learning, and learning is doing… Thanks for sharing that experience with all of us! I loved seeing more actual work even if it was in high speed. Some stuff should or could be shown in depth and up close, but seeing that progression of the project as a whole coming together is awesome! Nice work on the editing John ; ) No hate, all love my dudes!

    Matt Roden

    I would be thoroughly pleased to see you guys do pushrod suspension on a build like that. It wouldn’t be a terribly hard thing to make either.

    barry cantrrell

    it might be time to put a new liner in your mig gun the liner will cause wire feeding issues a sputtering issues like you had pointed out it is alot cheaper that buying a new gun and hose for your welder

    drive it break it fix it


    03 nike

    this dudes a bit too sensitive. even if he feels butthurt, he needs to keep it inside and be professional and not be a little dickish to your people who watch. but its just my opinion and ill keep watching of course.

    JStephen Allington

    Who publishes the 'Chasss Engineering' book that you have, and where can I get a copy?


    Someone got a little butthurt.

    Jonathan Gardner

    Hey guys… where did you get that book…. I kinda want to read it now…


    I don’t think I am the only one that is saying this, but, it looks like a shopping cart. 😆

    Joel Leaver

    I think You guys are doing FINE! The Trial and Error process is fun and Interesting to watch! DON'T CHANGE What you're doing!
    Remember, "if it AIN'T BROKE…"
    We'll Be Fine!
    Anyway, You guys have Rekindle my creative GO KART fire! I had and raced an old skool 5" tire, a highly modified "5 Horse" briggs on alcohol Dirt Track racing Kart! I loved it!
    I have so many ideas now! Thanks Fellas!
    I will be sharing my minibike and Go Kart projects with the Group!

    Steve T

    Rod end joints 😉 and they are super stiff when new and are designed that way.

    C MacMahon

    I’d make a fire wall and walls to keep you guys from getting muddy

    Roderick Coleman

    I want you guys to build something for me

    Roderick Coleman

    I know I was trying to see do you guys build and sell


    Out of curiosity, why would you guys use parts designed to work with a tractors 3pt hitch instead of joints designed for the field of powersports ?

    L.M Hess

    Reston peace to your rooster!! ha ha you guys are true backyard mechanics fabbing from used parts not from store-bought stuff keep it up you guys are awesome

    Andrew Halliday Music

    this is the culmination of all works coming into one bad ass build!!! I like how passionate you are to correct yourself or prove yourself on these projects. lucky for you the massive public who posts on the videos can be more helpful than annoying …in most videos its mostly BS from the posts but we have smart builders commenting on here so its pretty rare and fun! thanks Ike and John for finally building a man sized cart from the ground up!

    stacey perez

    you should have your shocks mounts higher up and the lower part more inward the will give you more spring rate


    Just a guess but I think those Miata struts are going to be pretty stiff. I can’t imagine your cart weighs 2200lbs.

    Edit: you mentioned this.

    Steven Mays

    that's why you don't see if people put shocks on a anything like that there's a constant force on it

    Dalton Jones

    I used to raise chickens in Kentucky and your most common culprits will be your neighbor's dogs foxes and possums

    Dobry Kolacz

    It'll be fine ❤️❤️

    Tristan Smith

    looks sick I can't wait until it is finished and painted

    Jeremy Glenn

    Ignore the naysayers, shade tree mechanics, and Monday morning quarterbacking. Y’all know what you’re doing.


    Btw..more building..less explaining. Thanks.


    Tell them docs this set up is just fine idk what people are worried about I have a similar set up on my yamaha r1 sand rail build and it's doing perfect and I've put it through hell and back.

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