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Shop Update 4.9.2019

Main Shop Update 4.9.2019

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    I’ve been doing a ton of work at the shop lately and decided to shoot a shop update about it. Much of what you see in this video will be future ETCG videos.

    Dylan Lowry

    Yes, make unboxing videos


    I need something to do… so i buy the brokest most complex cars to work on as projects.

    Bobby Bentley

    Just installed the same injection on a mustang


    April 9th was actually my birthday. Thank you though!


    Let's see that radio

    Lee H

    I can't believe how big of a POS that mini Cooper was. After seeing that series, I don't think I will ever even consider buying a German car in my life.

    Maciej Olejniczak

    Canadian guy it must be justin bieber


    Well… I am presently most of the way through prepping a car for painting. Doing an engine swap (and I guess restoration) on a shitty Mustang, and fixing the breaks on my Oldsmobile… Also, trying to start a business, and making youtube videos of said vehicle work…. so I am definitely busy, and out of trouble just less organized/productive than would be nice. Perhaps spending more money than I ought to at this time.

    Chuckey YooHoo!


    john smith

    unboxing dads truck radio great video eric…

    Teven Peleska

    Hey there Eric the car guru lol but serious question about a ford 4.6 engine I’ve literally looked research everywhere possible for the current issue I’m having which is my car is spitting out a misfire code. So I replaced all spark plugs and coil packs and made sure all 8 fire. I made sure all 8 get fuel and air . I know for a fact hands down my entire engine is running mechanically great but only in Park. So I got a new MAF sensor and a new EGR valve made sure all wires are in proper and each wire has the proper power going to the plug and injectors everything is good but only in park when I drive it it’s so hard to pick up speed and it’s continuesly saying misfire so I dig deeper and replaced every vacuum line filter bought more plugs and coil packs thinking I might have gotten a salty set and I’m still having the same issue I’m stuck and in over 1300 on trying to solve this one issue please help me out with solutions is my email please reach out to me it’s a 2003 crown victoria p71 W vin 4.6 281 motor

    John Cox

    Unboxing of the radio. And yes we need more fairmont content please. 🙂

    JD 619

    Eric, your disarray is helping me with my disarray. Keep up the excellent work, it gives me motivation with my mess here. 👍🏻👍🏻


    Show us the unboxing.


    Cameraman Brian has been with you so long that he's practically family. It's hard to imagine how you got by without him, Eric. So in that regard, I'm glad to see the mini is staying in the "family."

    Alex M

    Eric, there is so much I looking forward to seeing but I can't decide what I want to see more. Dad's truck or Sniper EFI. Stay Dirty, Alex

    Chris Jarkovsky

    I'm learning to drive, and I drive a 2012 Hyundai accent

    Power 2 Weight

    Brian! You screwed up buying that 2007 Mini….

    Shoulda bought my 2013 Cooper S instead!!! No guarantees 😳

    Power 2 Weight

    Wow you spoke so many truths today brother. I was one of those guys banging into the keyboard; "EFI, EFI!" After the power tour mishap, I was one of the guys who said; "detonation did that. Wouldn't have happened with EFI." I could tell your response was less than enthusiastic lol. Sorry pal, I wouldn't BS ya. I'm glad you took the plunge, you're going to love the versatility and reliability of it.

    As for staying busy to stay out of trouble, you bet. Add to that many will self destruct upon becoming idle, staying busy is parallel to staying healthy.

    We appreciate you too buddy. I learned to work smarter watching the numerous techniques/shortcuts acquired from years of experience. Thanks. Maybe one day I'll make it to your meetup.


    Love to see the truck radio, unboxing

    russ doolittle

    yes i would like a unboxing

    christopher gendron

    Eric, I'd really like to see you get back to your Honda roots and see some movement on the Vigor/ Integra. You could always sell the GSR to me though :P.

    I think you've done this, but can you dive into valve guides/ seals? Heads are fairly complicated and delicate, so those insights would be really helpful to me. I have a B21 and H22 who each need some loving… but Honda heads are all probably pretty similar.

    Smitty Smithsonite

    I'd definitely be interested in a video on that FI system there. I'm a die-hard carburetor guy, so I'm interested in seeing if these FI systems have come far enough along to change my mind. Even today, I'm still not a fan of anything electronic in cars. The '74 Yamaha RD350 I built 8 years ago has zero electronics – that's the way I prefer all my vehicles. That said, GM's TBI system, and Ford's early Multi-Port system have proven themselves worthy of my use … but this new system has yet to prove itself.

    I'm impressed – you've got alot of irons in the fire, and are still passionate about it! I'm finding as the years pass by, I'm becoming less and less enthusiastic about doing anything repair, or build-related these days. I feel like I'm losing my fire. Part of it is health, but I think most of it is just outright disgust with modern vehicles. I did battle today on a '02 VW Passat, 1.8T with a 5-speed m/t, removing its smashed oil pan – I've never felt more wore out than I do right now. Took the wind right out of my sails. I know how this industry is – I've always had these ups and downs ever since I first picked up a wrench, but lately, the downs are DOWN, if you know what I mean.I need to take a hard look at how I earn a dollar, and start turning down work that I don't feel like dealing with, and not feel guilty about it, I think. I still have my 20 year old brain that tells me to do it all to prove to myself that I can … but that doesn't work with the mid 40's body! 

    Anyway, sorry for the rant/vent session. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Fairmont and GMT-400 vids. I appreciate all your filming/editing efforts, Eric!👍👍


    I would love to see the radio in the truck I have one of these trucks and the stock radio kinda sucks. I would love to see another option.

    Chris David

    Yes to unboxing videos

    Michelle Koziol

    iv been watching for years never commented great videos keep up the good work!!!!

    jason beaulieu

    no need for forged internals, in the same breath as "maybe I'll put Nitrous"

    a springer

    just going to say once a mechanic always a mechanic

    Michael Miller

    Erick, your shop coat and mine look alike, kinda "stringy".

    AJ Harran

    lol is the painter ray charles?


    Nice! Yes on the unboxing vid's.

    Jack Goodman

    I want to see that Santa Cruse radio. Thinking about to buy one of these.

    Jared Strehlein

    Its nice to be busy keeps life moving along. You go home feeling satisfied when things are slowly completed.


    Do unboxing video

    travis arnold

    Yes do unboxing!!!!

    Charles Hullinger

    Do the radio unboxing


    I'd like to see a radio unboxing. I need to get a bluetooth radio into my 08 Odyssey, but it's weird shape limits what I can fit in there; by the looks of it

    Elmer RedEagle

    LOL, I wonder how long before we see the Mini in the shop again.

    Enoch Cruz

    I would like to see a radio and speaker install how to video on Eric the car guy

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