Monday, March 27, 2023

Shopping Go Kart Gets a New Turbo!

Main Shopping Go Kart Gets a New Turbo!

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    How much HP can that turbo support? I have the genuine IHI version from a Subaru Legacy I want to put on a bike

    Whites Chillies

    Hope you get your things back bro, shit like that really sucks.

    Masuta Okami

    I've been told by the sister of the guy who stole the backpack that it was well known what would be in that truck and when.

    I've seen them do this before, that stuff is long gone now. Sorry bro, but you learnt your lesson.

    Daryl Nicklen

    Hey Kyle Thanks for the Shopping Cart update. Nothing more annoying you work hard to build up your Equipment and someone comes along and Steals it all.
    Been there it does rock you quite severely. Little Aussie Follower ….

    Silent Haiku

    Trash ass people! Sounds like they know who you are and targeted you guys. Get a security camera!


    You need to have more oil the window on the case don't show any oil at all

    Wyatt Jackson

    10/10 wire management lol

    chris long

    Damn bro that really sucks! It's such BS when people take stuff that is not replaceable! Screw the equipment you lost a lot of hard work and that is what really pisses me off!!! I really hope you get all of your videos back! Keep your head up and stay strong!

    Kai Borah

    Someone stole our BoostedBoiz video. I now have beef with that person.


    That sux – Sry, man


    Core Lock – what's called when a turbine in an airplane seizes (for other reasons)

    Dallas Butts

    Well scum is scum and we gota move on. Youll have everyones support through this…don't apologize man. Keep up the awesome videos and great content.

    Pat O

    Yah Go Kart!!! Make the van 4wd and turn it up all the way. just sayin

    Eli Smith

    Not to be that guy but banging off the rev limiter isn’t a 2-step. Technically that’d be a “1-step” because it’s the only limiter. The term 2-step comes from it having a “two step limiter” meaning it’s has an earlier and later limiter depending on which is enabled at the time. You probably know that and that some applications have 3-step limiters etc. just clarifying


    Life keeps kicking Kyle right now. It'll turn around


    Thieves are lazy losers. Wish you luck dude!


    i found your channel from the shopping cart and havent stopped watching love your vids

    Trent Hills Mud Runners

    I hope you get your stuff back and that the thief or POS sub human has the fleas of a 1000 camels infest their pubes.


    my balls hurt


    this camera is wayyyy better super clear🔥🔥 shopping go kart is gonna rip💨💨💨💨

    Nicholas Baldrick

    That truck is such bad luck

    Rob Falkner

    Kyle bro, be positive man. You never know. They may catch em !

    ryuso j.b

    Film with your dslr more. The footage is crisp.


    Shopping Gokart vs Wheelie Golfcart

    Michael Anderson

    Sorry to hear about your backpack Kyle… People really do suck sometimes. I really hope you recover everything. And as always, thanks for the content

    shiftycent 111

    What oil pump is that 🧐


    Kyle i know all about bad luck this past week my breaks went out on my 99 civic and and then i fixed it and then the day i fixed that i hit a deer and fixed that and then a few days later i totalled it

    007 T-5

    That's what cooked the turbo last time.. 2-stepping it!

    Zoo Wapp

    Whats up with the HONDARU

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