Saturday, March 25, 2023

Skyline Wheel Reveal!

Main Skyline Wheel Reveal!

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    Today we fix the skyline and install a whole bunch of new arms! Got the car ready for Grange and also reveal the new Work wheels! Let me know what you guys …



    The bum ones

    Hey again it’s probably the longest long shot ever but could you guys possibly help me with my 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse gst please we fee like it’s the timing belt that needs to be adjusted but we don’t know how please help 🥺🤧

    Jairo Sanchez

    ive never felt so violated like i did at 8:15 …..

    Matt Souza

    If you let Thomas help then you know it's gonna be fucked up he don't know how to do nothing on cars but has a car channel smh

    Supercar Hitchhiker

    Wa Ching rich asien ma’n work on Carr ver ry funny


    Looks freakin awesome man !

    jerry 1320

    The beauty of impacts lol

    Atua B’lithy

    Prices On The Merch Is A Little Too Much For My Poor Ass


    Insane and I love the doggy! 🔥

    Dardy Clubby

    Sick ride!! those rims 👌👌

    Alep Kedingz

    Nice wheels man ! 😍


    Who else watching this while taking a shit…


    Wheels look like time attack wheels for a type r that’s why they stick out so much

    Jeff G

    Randy, you need a massive breaker bar lmao

    Nova WMMT


    Sharmaine Fresco

    Illiminate is Goals man … one of the only reasons why i wish i was born a guy


    Do you have 2 R32 or im just dum gray and that blue one


    Nice we have same wheels except mine is a copy by rota hehe

    Sxuless Esky

    Change the colour


    Why don’t y’all use wood like 2×4”s a lot of them to get on the lift

    Angel Rodriguez

    what wheels do you currently have on the 4dr skyline?

    Zach Jordan

    Tony’s Acura is a nut😍


    Damn that car looks good now?

    asasd agjikd

    WHEN ARE YOU GONNA START BUILDING THE DATSUN?????????????????????????????

    javier guerrero

    Randy, build small wooden ramps for all four corners to raise all the lowered cars

    Joe Semaia Levao

    Missing one more thing!!! The ILLIMINATE sticker


    "I paid him by.." mhmm HA GAAAYYYYY

    Jordan Kengich

    You mean you got those arms for the b”low” 😂😂😂

    Jacob Brown

    Glad to see the r32 chopping the streets again miss this beast keep up the good content randy

    JIT I

    Tell Thomas to upload

    Dominick Cuevas

    Didn’t you give Luke free wheels why is he selling you shit he owes you everything scrub ass move Luke you leach



    Jon Co

    we'll I wech your vedo I have fun

    Flacko Media

    I miss Christian 🙁

    Pheng Moua

    I don’t know if it’s just me but is Thomas getting skinnier?

    Jose Alvarez

    Jajajajajajajahaja “Who said i dont work on my cars.. uuhh sssss uhhh ssss uhhhh” hahahahaha godam drink almost went out my nose hahaha


    yo randy #airtools

Viewing 38 posts - 1 through 38 (of 38 total)
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