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Small towns harbor the best barn finds | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 62 (Part 3/4)

Main Small towns harbor the best barn finds | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 62 (Part 3/4)

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    It’s day two of our 700-mile road trip to McPherson, KS, and Tom stops in a small town along the way to see what he can dig up. Lo and behold, Tom strikes gold.

    Old Iron RC

    wow the straight 8, what a beauty, the 2 tone paint & visor on that thing…

    Rob V

    Waited all day to watch this edition when I got home from work and it was only 15minutes long..
    You're such a tease Tom…

    Vivian S

    Makes sense best finds are found in small town barns…
    Small towns are usually the only place you find barns!

    lee tijerina

    I have a 1950 packard for sale

    David G

    I like that Isuzu Rodeo better than the old Pontiac!

    Sebastian Stock

    For me as a german it looks like the old american cars weren't that reliable back in the days…
    I mean thousands of cars stored away for 20,50,80 yrs…
    Why? I don't really get it…
    Maybe somebody else could explain it to me… 🤔


    Good luck in Liberal, just stay away from Conservative Kansas,

    William Eichner

    What the hell's going on with the hood alignment looks a little high there on the driver side rear

    Indrid Cold

    There is a 1971 Opel GT in a barn close to where I live. But it is just an Opel GT, nothing famous nor desireable. The body looks to be in good shape. The woman said it ran good when she parked it. I just do not like it very much. Someone else can have it. It has a, 1.1 litre four cylinder engine and a four speed manual transmission. It looks like a small Corvette but that is where the comparison ends. It is just a vintage anemia-mobile.

    KennyG Hansen

    good episode as always, but way to short. 🙁

    Rick McLaren

    49 pontiac….plates are dated '56?….sooo, 7 years on the road and 70K miles? Musta been a traveling salesman driving it.

    Thomas Roth

    I just took 87 & 287 from DFW to CO and was amazed at the cars I saw out there.

    I was thinking “barn hunters would love it” and sure enough we may have passed each other! Thanks for your support of TX auto collectors and the culture we have here.

    PlymouthDuster 225

    Another great video love your channel

    Kyle H

    That Silver Streak is getting to be hard to find car… Love it.

    Destiny is Life

    Your job is peanut butter and I'm jelly


    What is the name of that blues song?

    Pontiac GrandPrix73

    We’d to bump into a loaded 73 Luxury Lemans w no rust, I need one bad


    A 2002 5.3 liter, but not an LS. Just a modern, fuel injected motor. Hmmmm.

    Chris Kilts

    Love this series of videos. I know we got some cool old cars in Kansas. I live just south of Wichita. Hope you had a fun trip.

    Kelvin Sorensen

    That 49 is really cool but the 94 rodeo next to it is a p.o.s. sell it or do us all a favor blow it up 😄


    Uh …..Bonnie and Clyde were long gone by 48 !


    That ol' red wagon looks better and better each episode.


    I spy Some body fitment issues where the hood meets the cowl

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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