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Smashing the pistons out of our crusty Buick Nailhead V-8 | Redline Update #3

Main Smashing the pistons out of our crusty Buick Nailhead V-8 | Redline Update #3

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    What do you do when all 8 pistons are frozen in their cylinders? Break out the BFH, of course! And we’re not referring to “Barn Find Hunter” in this particular …


    Since we've seen MANY comments concerning soaking our engine in various oils and chemicals to free it up, I figured I'd post and pin this to clear some things up for everybody: We soaked the engine in multiple fluids for many weeks. That's part of the reason the tops of the pistons looked soooooo nasty. Chemicals had been eating away rust, oil, dirt, and mice nests for a long time. And we still had to hammer out the pistons. It's an old engine that had been sitting in a field in Northern Michigan for 40 years. Also, it's not Davin's first rodeo. He'd be the first to admit that he doesn't know everything, but he has been rebuilding engines for quite some time.

    Erroneous Code

    Should have just left in a tank ( 44 gallon drum or such) of Molasses solution for a week or two. Would have removed all the rust and corrosion internally and externally and eaten enough of the alloy of the pistons and bearings to loosen it all up without one hit of the hammer. Just some time and patience.

    Darris Martin

    Give them WD-40

    Jim Clarke

    You forgot to spray a bit of WD down there)) was that the 10 LB BFH?

    Young Boy

    Please make a rebuild timelapse video for this block, that would be awesome!

    Donald Holman

    Wow.. this is amazing! Thank you

    Donald Holman know you can buy anew engine?

    bubbas channel

    Been there. Done that. I stuck an old piece of wood in the bore then smacked em out. We used a coke to loosen the pistons.

    Gavin Ashard

    So guys…has this engine been rebuilt yet with a time lapse video or have you just started on it?

    Putu Arianto


    Lateef Carrere

    A co-worker of mine had a Riviera w/the nailhead…he would've lost his lunch seeing that engine in that condition. This is gonna take a few more episodes, I'm sure.

    Emmanuel Selvas

    Thumbs up for the sandwich guy doing nothing 🥪

    DJ Wadholm

    Just give it a light hone to "knock the glaze off" and I'd say you will be golden… 😉

    Projekt-hobby 2001

    On my chanel was new wideo from of FSO engine rebulid go on and se

    Andik Irawan

    Awesome mister , hello from Indonesian,

    David Geiger

    I had a 66 Electra with a 63 nailhead. Smooth torquey efficient power. I think I got about 21 mpg highway. It's a great engine.

    Robert Redmond

    If you would have put diesel fule in the cylinders that were down and let them soak over night it would have made your life alot easier

    Broderic Clement-Thorne

    Be careful hammering on something with that much mushrooming, it can chip off pretty badly! Always grind your chisels, punches, etc when you see mushrooming happening

    Sick One

    Is there any reason why you guys didn’t just hot tank it to get rid of the debris or use some sort of lubricant to just free the motor so it could rotate?


    Put the pistons on ebay, no returns!

    Troons Clasic

    Waiting to rebuild…😎😎

    Edwin Young

    Brake clean works wonders at freeing up stuck pistons

    Kevin McCallister

    Привет от российских поклонников настоящих американских машин! Ребята, у вас отличный контент! Каждое видео настоящий шедевр, без шуток. Ждем продолжения истории этого многострадального V8, очень интересно!


    Yes nestyy 😲

    Geoff Peter,b

    Ive done old crusty engines before and a good dose of penetrating fluid of some description and the use of a ridge removing tool does wonders and far less damage especially to bores

    Alex Karax

    Also, you could have pre use NaOH for destroy pistons.


    Looks like the time for a big vat of kerosene and patience.


    Is Hagerty trolling us here or what? I use only brass, aluminum or hardwood to knock pistons out and cut a 2×4 to wedge under the front of the engine to support it. Engine stand manufacturers would never recommend this kind of stress to the head plate assembly.

    Jeff O

    A caustic hot tank would have melted away the aluminum pistons and not touched the cast material, it would ruin the hot tank solution but it might be worth it to prevent any damage to such a rare engine. It's just a thought.

    Cory T

    Why no penetrating oil? Just wondering, didn't show using any

    Kaden Watt

    Davin needs introduced to BIG NASTY down at South Main Auto lol

    Самат Аяганов

    wow) time laps) when)?

    K Rabenaldt

    I don't understand. Was there not any penetrating lub used? Beating out the piston with no lub? Makes no sense to me.

    Chris Stout

    Absolutely love your guys videos! I'm 17 and love rebuilding motors all the time, going to college here soon for diesel, I'd love to see a video of how you guys clean all the parts of a motor, I havent found a fast easy way to do it and I'm sure you've got a trick or two up your sleeve.

    Mike Miller

    I would like to see a Ford's inline 6 rebuild by hagerity

    Dave-Jill Nelson

    Take it to the tip

    Randall Cammack

    #1 reason for safety glasses, BOOBS!



    Geoff Stephens

    It’s mint.

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