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Smokers Vehicle – This Is Gross!

Main Smokers Vehicle – This Is Gross!

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    When I detailed in the mid 80's, I had a Chevy Caprice that was a farm vehicle. They used the car to bring the calves from one barn to another. I tried many different cleaners & Spray Nine worked the best. The interior looked like it was a Tan interior, once I cleaned all of the crap from the fabric you could see the actual color was Gray. That was the worst interior that I ever worked on.

    chris hopkins

    This is comical! Scott please just stop trying to do smoke odor removal. Leave it to someone who knows what they are doing, like me. Stop wasting peoples time and money and just send them straight down 635 to Flawless!

    alberto gorin

    looking forward to the next video

    rt2018 always

    My heart goes out to the owner of this truck my dad died in 96 and I still have his car. Scott thank you for taking on this job, yellow tar is hideous.

    Butter Bean

    I do this kind of vehicle all the time where I live but add chewing Tabaco and animal hair and fat folks grease on the arm rest from the big folks,  and I charge from 150 to 250 depending if its a truck or car or SUV and that's all ill get where I live then they think there over paying me. lol so is the life of a detail person in the country. Oh and I clean farm equipment and boats to  lol

    Chrys Fil

    The fact that the owner of the vehicle was dirty as f.. has nothing to do with smoking 😉

    Joes Golden Garage

    Did his father die from smoking? I loved to smoke. But so glad I gave it up. Whew


    Mr clean Magic erasers and mothers and paper towels that's what I would use on the grease. I'm anxious to see your methods!!! Love your videos!!!!

    Michael Vaughan

    Hell Scott will get this truck back to 80% + .. You watch….

    Michael Vaughan

    Try a steam machine

    Phil Velasco

    But when's the ceramic coating available?

    D CarrStar

    Steam extraction is available now.

    Jay Dunn

    Scott, I watch all your videos. I love them all. I really have a hard time wrapping my head around the price you’re charging this guy. I would feel super guilty to charge someone $850 to detail the inside of a single cab truck. Especially knowing that the truck means that much to the guy to even consider paying that much.


    Wow! I look forward to seeing this one done.

    Jon D.

    If you use an extractor, you push the smoke smell deeper into the seat. *gets a super hard brush and brushes seat lmao..

    Mike V

    Unsubscribe !!!

    Gerald Camarillo

    Are you gonna use citrol on these seats to rid of the smell?

    Noah Linebarrier

    He’s back! Was beginning to worry.


    For a work truck that's almost 20 years old, that really doesn't look too bad. Probably doesn't smell very good, though. If it was my vehicle I'd install seat covers and floor mats and spray some Ozium smoke absorber, then throw in an air freshener for good measure. Replace the cabin filter as well, if it has one.


    Scott, love the channel… if you don't mind me asking, what are your prices?


    It's sad people still smoke.

    Alt Name

    Would you mind letting us know what kind of brush you used?

    Alt Name

    Question: do you charge extra for doing a smoker's vehicle?

    AJ Madera

    Imagine that in your lungs .. gross

    Alex Harding

    Filthy man hands hahaha they build the world

    Genysmen runner

    Yes, make a serie of this truck!


    This is downright discriminative I will have your ass in court

    Jaime Santiago Navarrete

    How much to detail outside 88 Cadillac Sedan DeVille


    Scott, two words,"Molotov cocktail"

    Scott Weaver

    Great vid! Do you have an update for your ceramic coating release date?

    Panther Platform


    Bees Landscaping

    Omg 🤮

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