Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Something big is coming…

Main Something big is coming…

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    Are you ready?


    Its a redeye wide body with a manual transmission

    knight demon

    A 2 door charger

    Christina Howard

    🗣️Gimme! 🖤

    Ghamees Ul-Mohsin

    Do it soon

    Yousif Mufeez

    Yep this is it, wide body ♡

    Hemi R/T

    Thank you Dodge!! 🙏🔥


    Dodge… Angel…….???

    TheReal McCoy

    One of the dodge reps with Jay Leno said they were working on a car and trying to run 8's with it, I wonder if this will be it?? 🤔🤞

    Salim Nasser

    Charger hellcat redeye…. finally !!!
    Anyone wanna buy my house?!!!


    At 1st I thought, a DURANGO? Pause at 0:11 CHARGER! ? Dang it, DODGE! 😀😎


    2 door charger please!.

    leadfarmers mofo

    hopefully two door charger …….

    MDG Collections

    LET'S GO!!!


    Wide body Charger

    Nathaniel Ivey

    Widebody Redeye Charger

    jocular fr

    Is a dodge charger and challenger

    chris Vinci

    Dodge is making these little upgrades that barely increase performance and everyone getting excited.


    Finally a manual charger yay


    This color looks amazing


    Dodge is in a competition with itself!

    Alan.srt.hellcat 707

    Bet it’s still faster than a gt500

    Jack of Blades

    Oh lord here comes the memes…..

    tbh Thomas Nguyen VIII

    "TAKE MY MONEY"!!!

    Brandon Crank

    2020 "Arch Angel" 🤷🏿‍♂️🙌🏿


    Great add! Like a skin tight swimsuit and the reveal underneath. Blue car, blue font to commercial (Angel?) but has a Hellcat emblem on the grille and wide body fender! Gonna be badass!

    Khalil R. Mercado

    Y'all really need to drop Fiat cause of their horrible reputation!!! Then & only then shall y'all be da "Kings" of da American market market cause Ford turned to gays wit big trucks & SUVs bein only V6 optioned & da last true V8 sedan from G.M. was simply called an SS & had absofuckinlutely no marketing behind it smfh.😔🖕😔 Ur da only ones I have hope in revivin where everyone!!! drives a V8 once again!!! But y'all do have some serious competition to deal wit…I personally prefer da sound of a Ford 4.6 or old school 5.0 so…y'all have to prove to me dat ur Charger can go for a million miles like any generation of da Panther can.(I'm da proud owner of a 2002 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport so…prove me wrong)


    It's the 9th time that I have been watching this video. Trying to sneak something else besides the front bumber and wide fenders🤔🙁


    Absolutely we're ready, dodge!
    But, I still love my 100 anniversary dodge charger R/T 😊


    A demon charger?

    speedy 1ne

    Am i ready …cash in hand ….10 inch screen uconnect and 850hp would be nice…so would 426

    God Father

    DODGE!!! LOVE EM’!

    Marwan Albattashi



    Widebody + Hellephant + Charger x Challenger = Widebody . 2 Door . Charger Redeye


    Either just flares or a Red Eye. Or both…

    Danger Illustrated

    please have the redeye engine

    Michael Bernard Jr

    Dodge Charger Widebody

    The Übermensch

    it has a different front bumper and never seen that color before 0:11

    Mohammad Alsafi

    Its wide body redye 😭😭 was hoping the put the hellephant there💔💔

    AN 91

    ECO Boost Charger 🌚

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