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Something I Never Told You… The REAL Reason I Bought a Rare Volkswagen Corrado + HUGE NEWS!!!

Main Something I Never Told You… The REAL Reason I Bought a Rare Volkswagen Corrado + HUGE NEWS!!!

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    OUR 2019 MUSTANG GT500 GIVEAWAY IS LIVE! Every $5 spent at is an entry! Good luck! JOIN US FOR OUR 600LT …

    Street Speed 717

    The Corrado is finally back AND now with a manual transmission!!! Don't forget double entries for the giveaway are now live! Now you have twice as many chances to win our GT500!!! Check out now! EDIT: Tons of people on the site right now so if it's slow for you or not loading just wait about 10-15min and try again! Also, I know the site still says $5=1 entry but as you'll see when you get your confirmation email it's counted as 2! Don't worry about that!

    Autobe watched

    I love the vw. its about time we get some we content.

    Julio Castro

    Def here to support that VW life project! Plz slap on some BBS on that thang

    Carter Ramsey

    Put an exhaust on it please!!!!!


    That color actually looks amazing on your car mike

    Steven Davis

    That's cool you're doing that for your brother


    Mr. 717 is a solid dude, and I like that hes keeping it stock. Save the VRTs for gtis

    Sun Rayz

    Get into motorcycles

    Ethan Strubberg

    If I wasn’t in school right now I’d drive from St. Louis Missouri to Philadelphia.

    Terry Weaver

    Go ahead and get it a nice slick paint job,,,ya brother deserves it

    ERIC C

    I miss when you had your vehicles modified. Regardless if you were the one doing the work or not. You’ve got to the point where the cars you own are alittle in touchable for the average guy. I was always hoping to see that corrado with a huge turbo or some kinda swap


    I didn't realize it, but I love the story on it. Please thank him for his service.

    clinton jones

    Congrats Mike you deserve the 600 !! Great story about the VW ! Way to take care of Family as you always do !

    Christopher Willich

    The corrado is probably my favorite vw. Always wanted one but just never have had the money in hand when i had the chance.

    Methias gaming

    What happened to the 1552 rims you were going to put on it

    Jon Hall

    Great video! I was waiting for the car to make it's return. I'm a VW fan and you just don't see these anymore. Also being a veteran I know how it feels to HAVE to sell a car due to deployment and/or PCS. Your brother is in for something special since the car meant so much and you've done it back the stock with the mods he wanted. Rock on!!!

    ilias amar

    No give away this time with the vw


    Oh god, 2:30 feels like StreetSpeed back in the day.


    —————————————————–> @ 5:55 = You're either an IDIOT or a LIAR… That's HAIL DAMAGE.

    tj moneybags

    NOW the Corrado makes sense. Very cool goal. Our prayers for your brother and all our service men.

    Carl Jenkins

    The two cars at the end together look like a Portal (game) promo. Which I LIKE!

    Bruce C

    Why do you have the paint correction done before body work ?


    So, you are getting a 600LT, 2020 C8 Vette and a 2020 Silverado?

    Jared Rogers

    Honestly, the Corrado is my favorite of your vehicles! I’m a big VW fan.

    Gavin Kelly

    That corridor is awesome I have gli 16 and what you are doing is super nice

    Jordan Johnson 407

    Bring back the fire red 3s Mike!!!!

    Brian Thibodeau

    Thoughts and prayer with your amazing brother Mike!!
    Thank him for us .

    Scott Williams

    The Carrado just got a 100 times cooler now knowing your end plans for it. I never got the chance to serve our country because i broke my leg and had a metal rod put in but my Brother also served for our country and he is my hero

    Because Miata

    Don't forget that the Corrado has an active aero rear spoiler from the factory! Cool car.

    Cj Vaans

    Congrats in deciding to get your 600LT. It would be a waste not to get it since you spec it so much.

    Travis Jones

    Were is the 4 wheeler content and the land you rode on

    Subi Driver

    That's not fair I want my extra entries

    Eric Paradise

    Vw looks good


    If the corrado was gonna be a giveaway i would drop a grand on merch without a second thought. My first car was a 84 scirocco


    Mike you grew another 1k again. Even closer to 1 mil. Can’t wait for your to hit it

    Vincent Key

    Anybody got his book? Is it good / worth it ?

    Kyle Haines

    Mad respect Mike, you're a good dude and an awesome brother!

    Otis Horne

    Those wheels on the 600 though


    Hell everything is out of stock that I'm even remotely interested in so sadly I'm gona sit this givewaway out. Damner

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