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Soy Sauce and Rice as motor oil – R32 Skyline

Main Soy Sauce and Rice as motor oil – R32 Skyline

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    The biggest ricers on the internet are back at it again! Today, we test to see how long the RB20 in my 4 door Skyline lasts with soy sauce and rice as motor oil.


    Hey guys wanted to update you on the work x illiminate preorder! We just got almost everything in and we are working hard on sending out 3000+ orders. You will receive an email as soon as it’s packaged. Thank you for being so patient with us, we love you ❤️

    Jose Cervantes


    Xos X nene

    Damn man🤦🏽‍♂️

    Justin Powers

    Try to uncease the engine and see if it works


    damn yoo' you done worked mad people's nerves over this one

    Lord PADILL

    i wonder what happened to Christian?


    11:50” it turns to a automatic”😂

    Jeremy Rascon

    Can’t wait to see you in El Paso 😎

    Wang Kui



    I remember the old days sitting back watching the videos laughing every time now it’s just shit. The only ones that are still pleased are school kids

    T33ROI -.-

    #ThreeLadyBrand 🤙🔥🔥

    h410m4st3r h410m4st3r

    Whats the outro song

    Owen W

    Nice you can blow a low mileage engine for kicks just because you can. Instead why not raffle engine for some poor person that is struggling and trying to build there car!!!!

    Jimmy Shibli

    what's with the left headlight

    Jose Garcia

    Should had put gas instead of soy souce

    contact anonymous

    Man, illiminate is getting weak and weaker in their videos, randy doesn’t know what to film anymore. Fame has changed him, and making stupid videos like this 🤮. Lol

    longlive cobra

    Man that shit sucked

    Lacy Kenzie

    Should’ve just raffled it to a fan or gave it away some projects got no engine at all…..


    sounds like a lawn mower 😂

    Dario Alcala

    Dmmmmm Randy ur channel nt the same…& ur right thats stupid .Dont get ideas from other youtubers be unique..

    Ricky Verzo


    Ha Ha

    I seriously don’t understand half of these comments. All Randy is doing is doing stupid/funny shit. I’ve been a sub forever and I haven’t seen a video out of the ordinary. Even the marrying sonny looked like a normal video. Y’all just hating on him, because he “waisted a perfectly good engine” according to all of you mechanics. If you don’t like the title then stop watching the video and done.


    Shout out to the 915! El Paso, Texas!

    Gabriel Michel

    Son of a bitch ill be in el paso a month after fuck😭😩


    shoulda gave it away


    Only video from Illiminate I've disliked

    Compa Flvcko

    You forgot to add water to cook the rice.

    Tee S



    Poor baby

    Kolby Scott

    But fr I’m missing the old illuminate non stop content being themselves and work being done:( been here since the ejecto hard top on the s2k

    AZWAN azz


    Kolby Scott

    The shop looks still so empty:( hoping to see more and more added

    bimo adietama

    "too much" for a content , since ure starting your channel. im dislike your video for the first time

    Damn Son

    Can’t treat her like that

    Axel Cantu

    This is how you evolve to become full ricer mode WITH WHITE RICE

    Forgotten Gaming

    I would have bought that before you put soy and rice in it. I'm disappointed honestly.


    Gay, what a waste of a low mileage rb20. Come on illiminate wtf is this

    David Resendiz

    Randy post more videos!

    Deez Knuts

    I think I lost some brain cells watching this video. Who the fuck does that to s RB? Someone could've had a RB swapped whatever in your crew or you couldve sold it to someone. Fuck it though, more content though right? I hope you fucked that car up more than you think you did.

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