Thursday, March 23, 2023



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    JUNK MERCH GO GET YOUR VERY OWN IMPORT! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Duncan Peeters

    Omg! April 15th is my birthday! Lol 😆

    Joshua M

    I sold Roberto that catch can / washer setup. Did he end up putting steel wool inside to baffle it?

    Sim Singh

    G37 stance driftcar ftw🔥🔥

    Alan Gamboa



    Stop fucking raging your car everytime u drive it!!! U can drive it hard just ease up on the gear changes.. Stop granny shifting!!!!!

    Coty Holloway

    Chris why do you always shift to second so early when your spinning? Wait until you get traction back in first and go through the whole gear, then go to second. Your bogging it because your going to second gear way to early.

    Attention 2 Detail Automotive Towing And Detailing

    The G37 is a skyline in Japan make it look like one over from over there and make it a drift car. You liked the 350z. So just do skyline clone drift G37 skyline

    Attention 2 Detail Automotive Towing And Detailing

    Remember those g37s are skylines in Japan you could get skyline body kit from Japan for it and make it a drift car. You liked the 350z so just make the g37 a skyline clone from Japan in that year and make it drift car.

    Jordan Jaquinde

    I was on the black truck and the meet

    anglin greaves

    Im happy for u i just want you to blow up this rb with 550 that would be sad fr

    The Lude 915

    Stoked for the GtR Rud


    You're a horrible person for treating the G like garbage. Did you know those cars make 400hp to the crank with a few bolt ons? They are naaaasty when done right.


    Your traction control was coming on fool that's why it was bogging down lol

    Ian Anderson

    "I'm afraid of fire"

    *trigger acura fire vid

    that kid

    Tax return came in?

    Anthony Marrinez

    Keep the G don’t blow it up

    Neil Whynot

    Flat black w/gold hardware CCW classics in your choice of fitment!!! Be sick.


    Leave a 3 inch exhaust on the roadster…

    Drifting Master

    Door bang the g!

    shane lewis

    Get a 3071R gen 2 for the sr miata


    Drift the G35 and use it as a practice car.


    My dream is a 450whp r33 skyline

    LetsPlay Gaming

    power steering is whining


    Just build it as a stance car dude


    Second one for sure

    Pgamer TBP

    Drift the balls out of it


    Match the engine to the HKS came gears, can’t be many engines like that

    Yann gemme-collin

    weld the diff on the G37,get some BC's,gut it and make it your don't care drift missile!

    im Schwaggy

    Bags and te37vii lol

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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