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SPORTS SEDAN SHOOTOUT — 2019 Audi A4 vs. 2019 BMW 3-Series: Comparison

Main SPORTS SEDAN SHOOTOUT — 2019 Audi A4 vs. 2019 BMW 3-Series: Comparison

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    Does the new 2019 BMW 3-Series pass up the 2019 Audi A4?? Let’s find out in this COMPARISON between the 2019 Audi A4 vs. 2019 BMW 3-Series 330i in …

    nauticalone Ed

    I like both. Though, because I live in the Caribbean I am disappointed the all new BMW doesn't offer ventilated seats.

    Colin Flaherty Videos Daily

    bmw is much newer design and also much better design in and out which is a change usually audi is better.

    Show Me What I Need To Know

    Audi sux

    yy z

    Damn..the audi looks good in and out

    S. Bor

    I saw the 3 series on the parking lot and it looks much better then on pictures. Holy cow its real good looking

    Dennis Kristensen

    Did you just call those Audi pipes real? I agree they are not as fake as the closed off they make, they still have small pipes dangling in them. Hate that

    Rade Narancic

    That's an old A4 though 🙂

    Stefan Ciganovic

    Since BMW is all new vs much older Audi all i can say Audi is holding really well.

    BMW_ QP

    To be honest…..Living in Germany and driving Audi and bmw for over 15 years, my Next car is going to be a Lexus. Tired of horrible maintainance costs and unreliability. My actual car is an BMW X4 and its a nightmare and turns into a Money pit

    flyboy747 uk

    BMW far better looking inside and out

    tnn kyc

    A4: Passat in disguise.

    Emile Iradukunda

    I would rather get an Audi instead of Bmw!


    Good job. Regarding the Audi drive select, I would suggest that Auto is the standard setting rather than Comfort, because the latter makes the trans upshift very early and really dials back the throttle mapping. It also sets the steering to be super light regardless of speed. It’s more equivalent to BMW’s Eco Pro mode IMO. Did this cost the A4 a half point? Maybe, maybe not 😉

    Noor Ghani

    I would pick the BMW. Great design.

    Jason Taylor

    Audi won. No way the front of the bmw looks better.


    You guys are real close to me, I just picked up an A4 and absolutely love it


    No question, Audi.

    Ryan Frisby

    Howdy, great comparison as always!😸😸

    Charlie Montero

    Great comparison I couldn't decide which car they are almost the way same very good

    John Hoye

    I think the Audi is better inside and out, and I just would like to be seen in it more, can’t explain it,just how I feel. I liked the video,good editing

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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