Saturday, March 25, 2023

Stage 2 420cc ATV Swap! It RIPS!

Main Stage 2 420cc ATV Swap! It RIPS!

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    We remove the seized stock Predator 420cc engine from our 2007 Polaris Hawkeye 4X4 ATV, and install the modified stage 2 Predator 420cc engine! We didn’t …

    Bernie savard

    Hey guys I am trying to get in contact with you have a vary interesting project I think you mite be interested in doing. Like to chat if we can

    Sam Faya

    It doesnโ€™t rip!!!

    Braydon Dorgelo

    that is sooo slow, my little 50cc mini chopper bike is that fast. REBUILD THE OLD ENGINE PLEASEEEEE!!!!!

    Full Blood Savage

    You should put the 900cc ducati on the drag rail and race it again.

    Nathaniel Mathies

    I like how you took a 400cc quad, put a tuned 420cc engine in it, and actually made it slower.

    Toyota Tundra_1794

    that thing is painfully slow.

    Ripsaw17 Dennis

    You guys do know what assume means don't you in stop saying dude and definitely you guys do stuff half ass

    Liam Brewer

    You should try to get all the plastics and a seat for it

    Joshua Tisdale

    hey do a no seat and a stand up

    kaleb stahl

    Anyone else wanna see a 670 on the ATV instead of the 420?

    koda Arnold

    Is it just me or does Ike kind of resemble Will Ferrell. By the way big fan of y'all's channel but kind of getting tired of seeing predator motors. How about using Kawasaki/ Honda/ Yamaha/ Suzuki/ KTM/ or even Husqvarna engines.

    john smith

    The fact that they think this RIPS makes me feel sorry for them…..

    Kenneth 03

    Just so you know there is a way to spread the secondary clutch apart to get the belts on and off

    noah the petrol head

    Who films the vids when you 2 are doing stuff?


    It would be cool if it were faster. This is definitely not that cool. Sorry guys.

    john roberts

    Hope you two have ear plugs in .

    Tony Montana

    i think the muffler sounds like its restricting the power of the engine, maybe you's should run a header and no muffler as a trial. good vids by the way….

    C Mayb

    44 mph stock

    Tiger Doll

    This seem very stupid to me why not just buy a real quad

    Caleb Kardash

    I have a completely stock 2005 polaris hawkeye and I have gotten it up to 88kph


    Turbo on it!!!!

    kyfiss !

    I'm not sure but the top speed should be significantly higher I think. I think your torque converter from GPS might not be changing ratios the same rate as the back part from Polaris. Maybe changing its weights will help.


    You need a shorter 1 1/4" belt it looks like the 1 3/16" is too narrow and long and slaps around making it shift weird

    kevin auman

    Put some rubber under the motor mounting bolts, should smooth it right out…

    Dimond wolf 2.0

    Can u gays put a 212 on it to see what happens

    Graffiti FX Newcastle

    "I Dropped my nut"….HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Awww u guys are worth every cent of my subscription seriously ….every wed arvo, i come home to my shed turn on the youtube, and there u guys are …ready to make me smile….

    Neb Gaming

    Fucking junk๐Ÿ˜‚

    kevin auman

    I just wanna hear ike say "damnitt bobby" just once lmfao

    Terry Spooner

    Awesome project. Not in least crazy. Few of us can afford a new POLARIS anything. To take one ready for the bone yard and get it going again with an alternative engine gets us in the dirt as oposed to having nothing. I beats building one from scratch too.

    Alfred Domingo

    Hey guys. Is the gokart gy6 a 50cc, 150cc, or 200cc?

    jesse grat

    Just saying my stock 06 4×4 300 Hawkeye goes 37mph.


    ๐Ÿ™ – first time i'm disappointed ,i had hoped you would of put a cover over the drive belt area before you rode it again.
    Glad you will be sorting it soon though

    Ryan Drottar

    I'm sure someone already mentioned this but… Those cheap Horror Freight Predators have a 3-4 hour break-in period at low-mid governed throttle under minimal load. I have my doubts about it being broken in. You can't just dump oil in it and go balls to the wall. It makes a huge difference with the motors longevity. You should make a video for your viewers on break in periods.

    Jett Weber

    I say. put a v twin in it? Great vid btw.

    The Terminator

    2-stroke banshee engined dragster pleaaase ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


    6:10 10:46 The microphone noise is driving me NUTS!!
    What's the camera guy doing, rubbing his hand against it and bopping it around?

    Nathan Orear

    You should have made Issac clean the motor since he mudded it lol

    Max D

    500cc 4 wheelers can go about 65 i think.

    Josh Graves

    That belt just looks way too small. The stock polaris belts are much meatier and that should get your speed up.

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