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    MY HELLCAT GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!! Every $5 spent on is worth 2 entries! To WIN My 2016 Hellcat! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FAMILY …

    eddie finley

    Is it me or are his videos starting to get old or just not the same it is like Mike is coming off as a Spoiled rich kid who has to many toys


    That exhaust sounds like a junker with no muffler.

    Octane Street – Apprentice Mechanic

    Love seeing that needle just shoot back down in rpm whenever you upshift. Idk why but it's so mesmerising.
    EDIT: The Civic Type-R owner was a cool dude 👌🏼 Respect to him for challenging your C8 and for letting you drive his car 👊🏻

    Tivon Sanders

    The exhaust note of your C8 reminds me of a C6.R. Awesome noise!

    Frank Fuzz Kelly

    You really look bad when there is a lot of people hurting just think about it. I started watching you with your white hellcat but not no more anybody can build a car but friendship means a lot more I got money you got money don’t let it get to your head things change real fast

    Eric F

    Not interested.ever lol


    The 2020 Mustang GT500 is still looks better than the c8

    John roberts

    You should be the first to jump the Snake River Canyon in a C8 Corvette!

    dB FRESH

    Bro you supporting a company who ain’t helping the American people with ventilators. You got clout and should speak on GM being bailed out but letting bodies pile up on those same taxpayers.

    Joel A

    That old Jag tucked away in the corner tho…. yessssss

    Jacob Curtis

    Reason #1 not to purchase a BMW: Rod bearings @ 80k. German Junk

    Lee DiMatteo

    sounds throaty asf buddy!!

    Jim Rinehart

    Spoiler alert !! I saw you lining up with that red vette hittin down with that bike yesterday lol holdin up traffic !!

    Fanny Licker

    you know what wouldnt be loud? Electric.

    Fanny Licker

    any one of those guys couldve given you the virus. Way to follow what the govt asks. blah blah blah, shut it. You shouldnt be getting close to strangers or others outside your household right now. Hopefully you dont give it to your grandmother.


    Spoiler alert, Mustang dynos read higher than Dynojet dynos. NEVER trust a Mustang dyno. There are just too many ways to manipulate numbers, whether by accident or on purpose.

    neno Dias

    Hey man, drive with your two hands. Don't be a jerk.

    Angelo Bovara

    Being in your car alone is as isolated as you can get. Use a rag when you get gas.

    Gavin Drake

    When’s the LBZ announcement?! Haven’t heard seen anything about it or an update to what happened???

    Thomas Smith

    Like how u went the wrong way on a one-way street

    Steven Houston

    Mike didn’t beat the civic they were just practicing social distancing

    C. Kornelis

    Duramax giveaway update??

    Christo Clark

    The C8 Corvette is like the Nissan GT-R performance bargain.

    Trev’s tLog

    Anyone remember when Mike had to go to that outdoor dino? Because I do 😂 damn I’ve been here awhile 😂😂😂


    how does he alert the winner of a giveaway

    Taddy Lawn Care

    Is it really twin turbo? I thought it was N/A?

    Chris Mason

    Parasitic loss is what it's called. The lost of power between crank and the street.

    Mark Dangerfield

    I know you like that car so I know you want that Corvette so you get the Corvette and now you know what it’s like to have a twin turbo so let’s see if you can handle the Corvette

    steel storm195

    Hay Mike what will happen if you put a C7 ZO6 or a C7 ZR1 supercharger on the C8 Stingray because the engine platforms are almost basically the same but the engine in the back but it's still a 6.2L V8 from the some of the C5's and C6's and the C7's are the 6.2L V8 and GM Chevrolet Corvette's showed us from a 6.2 L in a C7 ZO6 and the C7 ZR1 for horsepower numbers from the factory and the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 C6 with 662 Horsepower from the factory with a 6-speed manual in a light weight Corvette and that's my statement and I'm leaving at that

    Michael P.

    I remember when Kassel Performance was with its previous owner Chad Block and it was called CBRD. They had amazing Cars&Coffee meets


    When it's idling, it sounds like a Bugatti Vision GT.

    Luis Capri

    Right in through that do not enter street

    Mar Blox

    This dude is a Reality TV actor.
    He does not own this C8.
    This is Fake News Reality TV GM Marketing.
    There is no way that this idiot has $65,000 for any car.

    Zane Toth

    Damn CBRD'S old shop

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