Friday, March 24, 2023

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    If fast is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

    Lion Heart

    unlock track mode for 18 Scats and Daytonas

    Rey Perez

    How about $20 per hp

    esco 95

    Not for everyone cuz it's not worth the price lol

    Steve Blanks

    Go DODGE!

    Michael bags

    All I have to say THANK U DODGE !!!

    Vincent Medrano

    You guys are doing awesome things love DODGE

    FittedCap Low

    Let me just have one of those challengers with a manual transmission

    Hamza Alhawli

    Dear dodge please keep the classic look to your cars you are the only company that still make a real muscle cars

    Hamza Alhawli

    Dislikers: "i can kick your ass with my lambo" guys

    Alex Nguyen

    More powers for me then

    Patricia Rubino

    Girls like horsepower too! The more the better baby. Give me that Hemi and that low growl any day. I want them to hear me coming from a mile away!

    VinceAlinceAble SRT

    Dodge just doesn’t give a poop about the status quo, while the other makers appease the globalist. Dodge backs its customers and gives a middle finger to all others…. Also awesome HP discount!


    I live in the EU and Dodge has got to be one of the most amazing brands in the world. It does everything FOR its customers. Please dont ever change.

    2AM, BABY!!

    It's definitely for me but I just can't afford it LOL

    Plymouth Die-Cast Replicas

    The best!


    Give us a Hellcat Ram.


    ye i def don't want every mofo drivin a dodge !!

    Vincent Vaughan

    is that vin diesel?! I like the dodge challenger SRT HELLCAT REDEYE!

    Todd Dillon

    Definitely got the grill area done right, not the awkward lines of the Charger around the door panels need redefining. It just looks weird.

    Joseph JayDee

    Dodge has come a long ways!! I am now a Dodge and Ford fan used to be only Ford LOL


    Can somebody explain? As I understood u will get 8k$ for just having a hellcat?

    Jessie Hughes

    Theirs too much power, an people are dying for lack of experience with a high horsepower vehicle like these,they should be for Nascar or drag strip application only!,or just banished from public street's altogether!

    random person on the internet


    Leon Chambers

    Dodge, when are you guys going to make the Dodge Charger Angle so it can beat the C8 and kill the new GT500, if you guys want to make this a great car, all you guys have to do is lower the price, drop most of the weight and increase hbp and speed and you guys will have the best car on the market with everyone ordering them before it comes out, killing the C8 and GT500 at once.

    Reza Zero

    No foppery cars. Dodge is bad ass.

    Los Angeles Lakers

    One of the last great American Cars.

    Stone Brandon

    Anybody who says ford is better is wrong on so many levels, dodge was always muscle and still is, mustang and camaro have become non muscle cars through the years, id say my favorite dodge is the 68 charger what about y'all


    Why I love dodge, others talk about safety, luxury or awards. Dodge: just go have fun!!

    Lich King

    I'd improve upon emissions but Dodge must not lose the V8s. It's what makes it Dodge and what makes muscle cars muscle. cough Mustang cough


    Viper back please.


    Dodge, you rly need to step up your N/A game.

    The 392 aint gona hold its 1st place spot with these new camaros and mustangs always getting more power …

    Bill Knight

    Were the outta four people asked about horsepower driving Prius hybrids? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Most definitely for me, I'll be that one person who's for the HP👍

    Airrion Galloway

    The one dislike is a mustang owner.

    To future viewers at the time when I wrote this comment there was only 1 dislike. 😬


    the most manful car maker ever

    Alfredo M

    when are getting a hellcat magnum?

    Dogukan Öztürk

    Üç model mükemmel tasarım ötesi olmuşlar 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻

    James Jessome

    The funny part is 707 / 797 hp is not enough for some of us lol🏁🏁

    Lincoln Glover

    I hate when people complain how excessive dodges horsepower numbers are like, go get in your eco boost mustang and quit being so jealous.


    I am definitely part of that minority!! Ha!!! More power, more exhaust fumes, more blower whine, more Metallica, more Scotch!!! God Bless ‘Murica!!!

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