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    Inked up Inkedup productions

    Good shit bro

    802 Garage

    Just FYI Chris there are engine pull loops on the alternator bolt and opposite corner of the engine by where the trans bolts up on the back, on these engines it should be a heat shield or intercooler bracket. Also you needed a V1/V2 STI engine, so 92 to early 96 JDM years, to make it a direct swap. Sorry for all your trials bud. Do check out the other comments about how to actually get the pull type release bearing working. You may encounter several more wiring issues as well. Hoping the best for you. I do hope you are keeping that other engine, as it's worth quite a bit.

    Jack Hoffmen

    Next time n rod knocks mod shop

    Glues an iPad on the STI

    Berto Builds

    Better off sending it to a shop and actually getting it done without dealing with all this. This is shitty content.

    Little bowl Pain

    Hey hey hey it’s the……. plug my own merch time 😂 check it out the first of many started in honour of my dog jack miss him heaps love seeing Chester on the channel helps me get past losing jack but anyway check it out help me plant trees for dogs ti piss on 😂


    She was probably swiping on tinder trying to get someone to pick her up and get her out of that shop


    Should have not touched the new engine she would have ran fine without the ecu. I have an upgraded turbo and a full turbo back exhaust my 97 sti has ran perfect for 100k.

    the servant

    No update… could it be the Kung Flu..? taken to quarantine?

    Math D.

    Well..after all that I guess it would have been a good idea to get the Motec, and just sell it once in the US?!?

    Big Biscuit

    That first day without weed really doing Courtney in 😂😂

    Yeet Zimmersion

    Chris, I used to watch your videos when you worked on cars in the dark on the side of the road after work. I just caught up on your vides over past fortnight. Its good to see such motivation in a younging, love that Anton can still make an appearance from time to time. Love the content, Keep up the great work.

    UCF10 CyclopS

    Honestly you should just junk this poobaru and get something else cooler.

    Shift Logics

    Dude I love you but man you give me anxiety sometimes 😂😂

    John Yeary

    $15,000? Sounds like you really broke the bank rebuilding that engine. Am I the only one who noticed he said $15,000 lol


    Fuck man do I love Courtney. Such a ray of sunshine no matter what you’re doing. Protect her with everything dawg


    How do you know you didn't buy a homemade receipt, or that the work was actually done on the engine? All that rust screams you got made.

    Yuran Novoa

    The fact that everybody’s saying the same thing about the clutch pin, lol can’t wait

    Cheyenne Gonzalez Ramirez

    Good luck! Come back soon, your cars miss you!❤🐱‍👤

    Brody Marchildon




    Chaz Gunther

    Chris keeps saying "break it in" as if it's a fresh rebuilt engine.

    HuffPuff Productions

    If you're gonna work on Subarus, especially the turbos you gotta at least glance at a service manual or something! It'll save you a headache or two! If you're gonna do an engine swap you'll NEED to do some research. I bet that engine has a different compression ratio lol, like everyone said you def should've bought that ecu.

    Sam Johnson

    That new engine looks JUNK!!!!!

    uMaD ѴӭḸṓẶn

    You know shits going to go down when you scroll into the comments and see 20+ people giving advice to chris 😀

    MC Racing

    Rod nock and the widiots 😂

    Greg Tank Johnson

    Shoulda bought the ecu man

    Matthew Ehmka

    An absolute nightmare….=said every Subaru owner ever…. you better buy Courtney another puppy for ruining this trip with that junk Subie….

    Gabe O’Neill

    15:08 I’m pretty sure it ain’t gonna run with that ECU bud

    Leo H.

    Cort looks tired. 😕

    mike h

    How hard would it have been to pay someone there to swap the engine and get it running before you landed in the UK. Could have saved how much time and enjoyed the trip as soon as you got there.

    Cauy Lasko

    It’s so clean tho

    James Ireland

    Gotta love all the comment section know it alls on here lol.

    James Ireland

    Good luck Chris and ignore the negative shit talkers. Easy to talk shit and judge from their couch lol have a good weekend and stay safe Jimmy from Massachusetts

    Spank Themonkey

    Florida girl and Florida man lol

    st gr


    Paul Morales

    You would think Chris would do some research and have a game plan for when he gets there. Don’t bring any parts or anything!!!!

    Spank Themonkey

    Isn't it funny how used junkyard motors or people selling used engines are claiming less than 60,000 miles on engine

    Koya Guthrie

    You bring most of this on yourself 😂 makes for good content


    Between this trip and the Honda stuff, I’ve been in love with the content recently Chris. My favorite videos since I subscribed years ago. Keep it going!

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