Thursday, March 23, 2023

STOCK $40,000 GT500 VS $90,000 SHELBY GT350R!!!

Main STOCK $40,000 GT500 VS $90,000 SHELBY GT350R!!!

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    Ken Williams

    Anybody with a brain cell knows that the torque will pull through the top when hp fails the torque keeps pulling

    Jason Sims

    How about if the the GT350 guy weighed 150lbs less? People always figure in the car weight and not the lard a$$ driving it. MIke your car looked better without the wrap and with the factory wheels. Just saying

    Denys A

    I own a 2012 GT 500. It's rated at 550 hp, not 540 (but then, my 2003 Cobra "Terminator" was rated at 390, so who knows?). I have, at times, thought I should have waited one more year for an extra 112 horsepower . . . but then, again (especially since I bought mine new in 2011), how was I to know at that time? Then again, I had to ask myself "Really, 550 bhp and 510 ft-lbs of torque isn't enough?" So. I'm happy, still, even now that my 2012 is now 8 years and two months old. Still pretty, still kicks ass. Took a while to learn how to modulate clutch and throttle so I stopped turning the rear tires into overcooked oatmeal. This is somewhat of a problem with this rolling start kind of test for acceleration. Normally, these kind of shootouts are done from a standing start, and that's where big horsepower, big torque and big weight become difficult to manage. This is why I would not mind engaging a 2013 or 2014 GT500 at a stoplight. Driver input becomes crucial. A rolling start? 2013/14 GT500 would walk away from my 2012 every time!


    those wheels are hideous

    Dawson Gonos

    Race the gt500 vs the huracan


    I’m not surprised but if that GT350 had the factory carbon fiber wheels, it’d be closer lol I never knew how much heavier rims can make a difference but now that I have heavier rims, I feel it

    Damian Grochowina

    Good race 👍

    Anthony Carravetta

    your car has 550

    keith ciccone

    Cars with boost win up top!!

    Jay Jay

    Now this is how you "make racing great again!" No bull shit. No shit talking. No crying. No calling unfair. It was 2 great guys that enjoy the sport passionately! Great race guys!!

    Reebok301 301/202

    Why would that dumbass take the carbon fiber wheels off of the R 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Donevan Ausborn


    Forrest Timberworks Ltd Forrest

    Less talk and more entertainment. Music, editing, keep it going.

    TT Cookn

    The big guy can’t shift!

    Scott Deller

    I'm confused, it seems Vince should have more in the rev bank?

    Dakota Valdes

    He removed ac???

    Adam pen

    Vince is gt350 looks and sounds so awesome .. glad too see him back out ripping it up


    You have to walk around and hand out cash to the neighbors lol you never seem to get bothered.

    Pop Digs

    Bruhhhhh where the fuck is todays upload 😡

    Chris COTA16

    Similar weight and hp in a similar car… great race. But I have heard a saying “Torque wins races. Horsepower sells cars.”


    Good shit

    Austin Dobbs

    Not gonna lie, I love the gt500 but I wish you would of bought the 2013-2014 model with an extra 112hp

    Dan Byrd

    Yeah, Driveway Demon doesn’t talk near fast enough.


    These turds facing off is kinda interesting 🤣🤢

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