Monday, March 20, 2023

STREET DRIVING Leroy an Hour to the Dragstrip… Attempting to Race and Drive Home! +the V1 Breaks..

Main STREET DRIVING Leroy an Hour to the Dragstrip… Attempting to Race and Drive Home! +the V1 Breaks..

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    NEW DAD BOD SHIRTS – Oh and did we mention Cooper broke the V1… AGAIN! NEXT Cleetus and Cars dates: Aug 24th Houston …

    Cleetus McFarland
    Thomas Langøen Rønningen

    This thing is street legal, and here I am in Norway, changed my wheels and it's not legal anymore…

    Blair Page

    19:19 WTF!!! Channeling Phil Anselmo …. maybe I misheard …. anyway, perhaps Leroy needs to be at our summer version of this ? Bald Eagles Vs Wedge Tail Eagles … food for thought …


    Cooper needs lessons on driving a stick.


    why are coopers eyes .5 inch apart

    Dalton McMaster

    Looking back on the very first video of Leroy. Battery is not only still located in the from, but it's still a Walmart neverstart battery. 2 years later and I am still in love with this car

    Sean Decker

    An idea for the cup holder get some bicycle water bottle holders ya know the ones ya mount in the frame

    Mac cone

    Instead of nitrous on the caddy go turbo set up


    did you ever thinked of building some sort of roofrack? Clamped to the cage it could include the shading. The mounting point somewhere near the spoiler, or at the mounting point of the spoiler. If you set the spoiler some inches back you probably could store the tires between the "cabin" and the Spoiler. That would be very cool.

    Lokee wisrism

    Proud azz f@#$k ha mean

    Richie Carbone

    Cooper can't launch that caddy for shit!!!

    Joe Swinson

    You should use the cardboard roof as a template and transfer it to a thin sheet of plastic then clamp it to the role cage

    Rainbow Dash

    I swear it sounds like you're grinding gears

    Markimusprime56 !

    Dat butt @ 15:11 girl thicker than a 10dollar egg sandwich.

    ZAPlay Z

    33:03 OMG LMAO I KNEW IT I KNEW they was out of baha blast 😂😂😭

    J Bradwell

    The subtitles are so wrong in the first 10 seconds LOL

    ZAPlay Z

    That cars a monster it got gone down that track

    Joseph Carr

    Love hearing them bald eagles under the hood

    Hunter Barr

    Get some really good headphones for Rocky Mountain race week. I have
    3M work tunes they block out sound and they’re Bluetooth comparable so you aren’t going deaf drowning out (for me shop noise) with music
    These keep noise out and play music quietly because it doesn’t need to be loud when that’s all you can hear

    Chris Sanders

    lemme get like 800 bucks. i drive an 89 Lincoln town car with a 5.0 s.o.


    Let the part numbers fly😂

    Derek Jeter

    That's amazing that you drove the car to the track and the cargoes in the eights sick🤙




    damn keep it up……….

    Berta Donato

    The tuning giraffe dope asf


    Cooper at 22:00 had me in stitches… his cleetus voice is spot on

    James Petrick

    I know if I was you I would mirrors on it for now

    Aj james

    Why does the gear change grind?


    For the love of god man, wear some ear protection. At least some ear plugs.

    Speedy’s Garage

    Great video man. My kinda content, driving the race car to the track 🙂

    James Taylor

    Aero Shop: Leeroy couldn’t be any less aerodynamic
    Cleetus: Hold my dew

    Dan L

    Somebody take some of this YouTube money and get Coop some lessons. I feel bad, man.

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