Saturday, March 25, 2023

Stripping The Frame For Media Blasting: S-10 Custom Crew Cab Ep.4

Main Stripping The Frame For Media Blasting: S-10 Custom Crew Cab Ep.4

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    This video is brought to you guys by Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner! I love working with brands that offer truly awesome products. If you’re looking for the …

    Dragon Slayer

    Thus is cool YAY

    Jack Fereday

    Kyle make the truck however you want it. At the end it will be you driving it. Whatever you do we will be watching. P.s do you have an email address I have something I want to ask?


    I know how annoying it can be to work on old suspension elements… It always takes wayy more time than expected, even when the operation is technically quite straight forward. Super cool project Kyle!


    Hell yeah!! Minitruck build for sure..

    Broken Patriot

    Yes. Full on mini truck.

    Muhammad Khan

    well i think the first thing u should buy n buy it kindly right away is steel toe shoes as u r putting n throwing lots of things down n safety first my dear one

    Zach Culp

    Dammmmit this would've looked sick as an off-road build..

    Dalton Holley

    Where do you get such nice parts trucks and how much do you pay for the full leather interior, also you should make the crew cab a race truck with luxury

    taylor dameron

    You should do an autocross style truck or touring style for this crew cab do static lowered on coils not like sancey boy low but track stance

    Lord Apophis

    "Just put some on your rag or sponge and go to town". Is that local language? Lol

    Jack of all trades King of NONE !


    Megandran Naicker

    Bagged with a bit of performance…

    kia bass 879

    That frame looks so beautifully clean


    Do all 4 windos electric


    I hate bagged pickups or anything where you have to modify the bed to clear the suspension. Pickups are only cool if you can still haul stuff.

    Brandon Scheuvront

    You have so many parts vehicles, convert that thing to 4×4.


    As Kyle's beard grows longer, his southern slang gets stronger.


    That parts truck interior is mint


    Those square body S10’s look so good bagged just like the ol 88-98 full-size is a perfect platform for bagging.


    Bagged n bodied on big billet wheels!!!!

    Fefe Firecrackers

    Make it nice, neat and clean build that looks oem and is daily drivable. But underneath make it a sleeper

    Skaters Anonymous

    Those three lines you had trouble pulling out were your fuel lines not break lines I know that location all too well.

    Invincible Osprey

    I've wasted a lot of money on PB Blaster. Check out Project Farm. Liquid Wrench is the best.


    I love Lexol, too. I used it on my car seats and my Coach bags.

    Lonnie Davis

    Kyle what happen to the system upgrade in the jimmy

    James Busick

    I think a 6.0 ls with a super charger making it into a sleeper would be awesome

    Chris Pofahl

    Notch, 4 link, bag or coil over, make it handle real good.

    David Hertel

    If it were my project, I'd do a "GT" style truck. A comfortable cruiser with a little sport for fun. Add some bracing to the frame to solidify it a bit, build some sort of comfortable but tight suspension. Trans/rear end gearing for the highway (road trip cruiser?). I'd even go so far as to add modern conveniences like automatic headlights and things like that. Just throwing that idea out there to see if it sticks to the rust.

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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